To improve the complexion, help mask the "Pine nut"

At the age of 30+ women's skin loses its former elasticity and smoothness, and the treacherous wrinkles appear more and more often. With age, the skin needs extra care and nutrition, conventional cosmetic tools no longer cope, so the econet advises You to experience holyblue mask "Pine nut" with a lifting effect.

Mask "Pine nut" perfectly cope with dull complexion and loss of tone of the skin. Experts say that pine nut oil is one of the most nutritious and healthy for women's skin. Pine nut oil is hypoallergenic, so it is just perfect for sensitive and irritated skin. Pine nut oil reduces redness and heals small cracks.

The composition of energizing mask "Pine nuts" is also honey and fruit acids, which not only moisturize the skin but also greatly improve its color and prevent the appearance of pigment spots. Among the active components of the mask should also mention the black currant seed oil, which nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, and eliminates inflammation. The extract of mountain ash and flower water Jasmine vitaminiziruet withered skin and the resin of juniper, yogurt concentrate, oil green coffee and primrose is responsible for taut, healthy skin.

The composition of cedar mask also includes polivinoks, collagen, vitamins A, E, C, P, and K, cleaned pine nuts, concentrate DNA sprouted wheat which keep the skin in good shape for a long period. Choosing natural cedar mask, we recommend to pay attention to its expiration date, and also on the composition. A quality product should not contain silicone, dyes, chemical preservatives and fragrances.

        Method of use mask "Pine nuts" is very simple: apply the mask on your face and neck using a brush, the area around the eyes leave clean after 20 minutes rinse the mask with warm water and wipe the skin tonic. Significant results will be noticeable after the second application of the mask. Use the mask regularly, once a week, and You can forget about the tired, dry skin!

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