Antiques from Apple

This PC will now smile. Firstborn Apple. In the not too distant 1976 party, consisting of two hundred pieces, was assembled in the garage. And then they were sold at a very nominal price 666, 66 dollars apiece. It seems to be because Steve Wozniak is enamored with repeated numbers.
By assembling all available were involved in the availability of human resources - pregnant sister Patty Jobs, his friend Daniel Kottke, a former girl friend. Naturally, the creator Wozniak and Jobs general manager.
Actually, to be absolutely precise, the first order of Paul Terrell was fifty computers. And while it is running Jobs managed to negotiate a decent discount on accessories. As a result, the board will get a much cheaper and the money saved accomplices collected fifty additional PC. Then sold them in the "Homebrew Computer Club". Then managed to attach a hundred copies. In shops, familiar.
It is believed that the Apple I was the first personal computer, which was delivered to the end user is not in the form of a kit of parts "do it yourself", and already fully assembled and ready to use.
Now it is an antique. Working models were one, and they go at auction for a very decent money. On average, somewhere beyond the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. A maximum price per copy was sold in 2012, an unknown admirer of Apple products for 374,500 dollars. Antique.


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