Unraveled the genetic code of the tsetse fly

The members of the international group introduced the complete genome sequence of the tsetse fly, which worked more than ten years.

A blood-sucking insect is the sole transmitter of sleeping sickness, a potentially fatal disease endemic in Africa. The sequence of genetic data will help researchers develop new ways to prevent disease, to study the unique biology.

The tsetse fly is quite unique in the insect world: it feeds exclusively blood of animals and humans, gives birth to live young. Its bite can transfer the parasite that causes trypanosomiasis, or sleeping sickness, which if untreated leads to death.

No truly effective vaccine is still not developed, and medication has undesirable side effects.

Researcher Dr Jelle Caers said: "we Need to do a lot of work before trypanosomes will be eliminated in humans and animals, but decoding the tsetse genome is a big step in the right direction."

Source: nauka24news.ru/


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