Products in vacuum packing — fatal damage


Vacuum packaging designed to keep products as fresh as possible in an environment devoid of oxygen, is the perfect soil for breeding of harmful bacteria that kill up to a quarter of patients infected by them.

According to a new study, a microorganism called Listeria monocytogens, able to grow even in cold conditions, food refrigerators. Products, which can start a dangerous microbe are milk, ice cream, soft cheeses such as brie or Camembert, meat

and meat products, raw vegetables, raw or prepared poultry, raw or smoked fish.In General, all that we daily "sweep away" from the shelves of supermarkets.



Technical University of Denmark conducted laboratory experiments in which it was determined that in the absence of oxygen the bacteria becomes 14 times more aggressive. Normally, the bacterium lives in the intestine, where there is no oxygen, so getting a similar oxygen-free conditions it also becomes more aggressive.

In the future, scientists plan to study the genome of a bacteria and in particular those genes that are responsible for the aggressiveness of the bacteria that will help in the future to deal effectively with it. Despite the convenient use of the products in vacuum packaging, it is better to avoid their use.

If possible, you should buy food in the usual way. This mainly applies to meat products, cheeses and fish. Food vacuum-good for a picnic or travel. So better not to risk your health and eat properly.





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