Marbel - the lightest electric skateboard in the world + video


Lightness, ease of use and speed are goals sought by the creators of Marbel, an electric skateboard that collects investments to start the production through crowdfunding. "A Board with a motor" weighs just 9.9 pounds (4,455 kg), which allows the project founder Matt Belcher (Matt Belcher) to say that the brainchild of his team — the lightest electric skateboard in the world.

Despite such a small weight, Marbel enough power to race the mountain at speeds of 20 mph (32 km/h), while the rechargeable battery provides a power reserve of up to 10 miles (16 km). According to the developers, it's not "miles lab" from the series "well, you could..." and mileage in actual conditions.

Technology lithium-ion battery manufactured by a third party, the team compares with the "standard" battery Tesla Model S, and finds they have a lot in common. Time to full battery charge from an ordinary wall outlet is only 90 minutes, and resource exploitation — not less than 1000 charge cycles after which the battery loses not more than 25% of capacity.


It is easy to calculate that during the life of the battery on the Board can run over 15,000 km.? But after the development of the resource battery can be used, except to charge more often.

Incidentally, the term "Board" refers to Marbel is very conditional. Its thickness at the thickest point was only 3 cm. it is Obvious that such a thin piece of wood will not sustain the load. Scabard made from carbon fiber and Kevlar, what is the secret to the low weight. There are only two parts of the carrier Board, made not of carbon fiber, is the nose and tail, they are soft and elastic urethane rubber, the same from which cast. By analogy with the cars, the designers called urethane parts "bumpers".


Marbel electric motor develops power up to 2000 watts skate and accelerates to a speed of 20 mph (36 km/h). It's pretty fast and dangerous, the fans of fast driving should take care of remedies.

However, to cope with such high-spirited "horse" even beginners are quite simple. One of the reasons the rider is not required to work the feet and balance like on a real Board. Simply lean right or left on turns.

Control system educational applications based on mobile app, available for iOS and Android. The smartphone communicates with the Board via a wireless connection Wi-Fi and provides the rider full control over the situation.

Without any restriction of the ability of skate available to experienced riders when you turn on the sport mode. The usual custom mode allows you to limit the maximum speed for safety. In addition, there are start modes and economy.

Is an electric skateboard Marbel is quite expensive. The first batch of 100 copies for 999 and 1099 dollars with term of delivery November 2014 sold out instantly. The remaining proposals from the second batch with a delivery date of January 2015. The price for serial 1199 and $ 1999 for a customized model.

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