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Yes, skateboards Russian industry can not yet afford to accumulate billion turnover, both in the United States. But even so, we have had serious players. As a rule, it is knotted with the sport or active professionals who choose to offer the final consumer product, designed taking into account their own experience. But there are questions - who prefer and choose the skateboard on the Russian market? We have prepared an overview of the most prominent representatives of the domestic brands, engaged in the production of the original boards. AbsurdMoskovsky skateboarder Leo Maslov began to get involved in this sport 15 years ago. At that time it was difficult to find shops that can offer a wide range of skateboards, but the board would buy where. Athlete argues that a turning point occurred during photographer specialized magazine "boards." Accordingly, it was decided to deal with its own production. Following the development of the ideology, style and design of the company in the autumn of 2008 the company "Absurd" officially began its suschestvovanie.

ProizvodstvoVes goods produced on the territory of the Chinese factories where the products are also available world-famous brands. The design is only one, but the best, given the long experience of riding - seven-layer board, which is based on a solid Canadian maple. Each of "pieces" glued under pressure by means of an epoxy resin or vinila.

Design and brendPochemu it "absurd"? Because life itself is absurd, and even more so in Russia and at the present time. In the world of skateboarding even more incomprehensible, senseless things, and if you take a domestic industry, even more so. Therefore, the "absurd" - the original name that can most accurately convey the townsfolk world and our reality. Leo Maslov sheltered by a very talented artists - Eugene Erokhin and Pavel Kuznetsov. Both are also skaters, so many know that like extreme. According to the founder, appearance should cause positive emotsii.

FootworkOsnovatelyami company are skaters Alexander Preyzner and Roman Serov. In an interview with one of the founders of the company, Alexander argues that to hobbies skateboarding, he was an ordinary hockey player. At the beginning of the two thousandth the first time the game came out Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, after which there was a second love - skate. At that time, the discipline was not popular. When he had to share one board for three, Preyzner met with Roman Serov, which in the future become one of the founders of Footwork.

One of the main reasons why the guys started to pursue the case, is the low level of wages of the population. At that time the normal American skateboard cost about three thousand rubles, and afford such a pleasure can only units. Experiencing a feeling of shame for what you have to deal with guys start to make high-quality but cheap boards citizens. The difference is palpable - the cost of a top board was only a thousand rubles. At this price making a purchase could not even a teenager. The debut production, the year 2009. ProizvodstvoNa moment, Footwork produces three model variants: Original - standard models are made of durable varieties of maple; Progress - manufacturing technology is characterized by a specialized resins, providing increased hardness and rigidity. The best option for those looking for a maneuverable and durable board; Carbon - new product from the company, which feature is the presence of carbon fiber, which is laid on top of the usual seven layers of Canadian maple planks. Model becomes sverhkrepkoy. Test specimens were tested for a long time. Simpler series are made in China, professional Carbon - factories Meksiki.

Design and brendAvtor name - Roman. The word he loved + if you translate it into our native Russian, the translation is an allusion to skeytbordnoy area. Initially, the boys did not want to bring the business up to such an extent, but then they realized that they have the power to do mass production. In the city they are engaged in building its own indoor skate park. Design boards provide the Americans, but they are the founders of a little skeptical, as our customer more picky about the price, quality and appearance. YunionOsnovateli companies - riders Sergei Dubrovin, Vasili Sysoev and Alexei Bobrov. In an interview with Basil shared history of their own brand. The guys almost all his life doing things you love - skating. Initially the idea was to open its brand store, and then it was decided to start producing. According to the guys, many have different interests, but skateboard able to unite different in character and preferences of people. The first sale of boards started in 2006 godu.

ProizvodstvoKompaniya engaged in manufacturing high-end boards. The manufacturer is based in Hong Kong. Children are closely watching the level of quality, even though the fact that the process uses a Canadian maple Class A. The founders did not consider his business profitable, treating it more as entertainment. Especially when you consider that in Moscow the climate allows you to ride a polgoda.

BrendAvtor name - Vasily Sysoev. Word interesting remembered easily. The sound is very clear and with a positive message - to gather around him, to ally. In this case, according to the guys, the name of a great help. Consumers, in turn, feels that the company wants to convey. To create the appearance of design professionals employed. The first copies were decorated in the style of military (Army). The design has its limits of decency. For example, do not place on the face of the portrait of a naked politician. Athletic SkateboardsOsnovateli brand - riders Paul Mushkin brothers Mikhail and Alexey Dmitriev. Michael said that for the first time this kind of sports started from the first viewing trick "ally" - a jump with the board. Once the parents gave the money to the first board, began to see related videos. From that moment it all started. Active skating, discussion scarce while the American video and so on. In this atmosphere dipped his head and Alex - the brother of Michael Dmitrieva.

The idea arose to start producing in 2003, when Mikhail self produced the first prototype. Although not the same as after the plant, but it is capable, with a bend. Upon arrival to the city guys covered with the idea to start serial production. In 2010, after graduating, they returned to a favorite cause. A year ago, we began to work with Paul Mushkin - professional rider. The last three-year period was the most challenging and fun. Started its own production. ProizvodstvoOsobennostyu «Athletic Skateboards» is that boards are in St. Petersburg. Raw materials are supplied from the United States, where the level of quality has long been proved. In terms of the profitability of the guys from «Athletic Skateboards» not particularly talkative, as the company is still young. But even in constant contact with ordinary riders establishes a warm relationship and trust to the brand in tselom.

BrendNazvanie company is the result of the desire to promote a healthy lifestyle and that sketbording can become a good alternative to other sports. On the creation of the design work the company Shinobi Wear and designer Anton Ramirez. On the surface will never be bare symbolism al * and * seals, as the athletes they do not have any relation. GypsyKrasnoyarskie guys Nicholas Green and Alex Naimushin are the founders of the brand. Alex said that first appeared in the family skateboard thanks to his uncle, who returned from service in the army barracks. It was the late '80s. Serious enthusiasm for this sport began in 2003. The idea of ​​creating a skateboard brand emerged 4 years ago because there was much competition - in Siberia with this case little tugovato. The concept was developed for a long time, since the company opened only this godu.

Manufacturing production is based on the traditional seven-layer construction. A distinctive feature is the large number rostovok. Production is carried out in China, together with a number of major brands of similar States. Lesson yet unprofitable as a province + guys that there is still no understanding of the needs and tastes of consumers. But eventually all budet.

Design and brand «Gypsy» translated as "Gypsies" kochevik. This name clearly describes the way of life of children, because they are constantly in search of new places, which are suitable for skiing. That this is the meaning of life skeytbordista.Glavny designer of the company - get off Roman. Man has developed a large number of design concepts. However, the main emphasis is on love, music, and psychedelic.


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