Scientists tablets and smartphones contribute to obesity

The scientific staff of the Chicago North-Western University conducted an interesting experiment. They studied the effect of bright light blue screens of the advanced gadgets directly on the human body. The experts received the following information: this light is thus a negative impact on the human body, that is, it contributes to the recruitment of excess weight, dramatically increases the feeling of hunger, but also seriously violates the metabolism. The most harmful effect is it different in the dark.

The feeling of hunger when exposed to blue color appears after a maximum of 20 min. the Blue hue of light affect the human brain, causing a feeling of hunger regardless of how long ago the last meal. During the experiments, the people, tightly eat about half an hour of work with various gadgets began again to want to eat.

In addition the results of the experiment showed that blue light is drastically reduced feeling of drowsiness, that is called insomnia.

Says study co-author ivy Cheung, a single three-hour impact of blue light in the evening affects the metabolism of glucose and hunger. Directly because people who are constantly using a tablet or smartphone, often experience hunger: people all the time bites, and this, in turn, leads to obesity.

The specialists of the University of Chicago are not going to stop, that is, they plan to continue the study of the effect of the light from tablets and smartphones directly on the human body.

Computers has overshadowed the interest of children to traditional toys

American psychologists are sounding the alarm. The kids are increasingly abandoning traditional toys in favor of computers, and this process begins already in early childhood. The intelligence of the American toy industry argue that young Americans began to play tablets and absolutely do not pay attention to traditional toys. According to the American Ministry of Health, this trend is observed almost everywhere and in other developed countries, the same thing happens.



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