What are the gadgets in 5 years

Instead of touch screen tablets and devices for gesture recognition will come gadgets with the function of the interaction of gaze that provide automatic scrolling of the text, the controllers, moving the tiny bumps on the fingers of gamers, and mobile or stationary device that takes into account the emotional state of the owner.

Displays computers and devices that can recognize emotions, gestures and facial expressions exactly as we do, — said Tom Wilson, CEO of "Еmotion3D". – Sensing the mood, they will provide consumers with greater comfort and additional features.

Wilson and his colleagues discussed new technologies, which, obviously, will appear on store shelves in five years technologies that will allow consumers to establish close contact with personal electronics.

        Filled with sensors

Headphones and speakers of the future will be able to adapt to the human ear by assessing the response of the middle ear and the cochlear nerve. A number of tiny microphones and an improved speaker system will help to reduce external road noise in cars or even direct the sound towards the listener in the room. Thus, the sound system of the future will adapt to the person.

In mobile devices such as smartphones, the sound quality will improve in 16 times in comparison with the metal sound of today's gadgets. As for the video, tablets and smartphones will get screens with ultrahigh resolution and a much more rich visual properties.

On large screens the frame rate will be increased to 1000 per second, which is much higher than the rate of 48 frames per second in the recently debuted "the hobbit". In addition, the screens may become so inexpensive that stores will use videoanlage.

In the three-dimensional movies will be improved surround sound that will provide a unique experience in theaters or at home.

        Need more space

High-resolution video in new 4K TVs (Ultra HD) also means that films or television programs will require a larger digital memory. Downloading movies with 4K resolution that currently require more than 100 gigabytes of space, takes a lot of time for home users the Internet, even with broadband.

Such a huge HD video files can lead to some resurgence of physical media such as Blu-ray discs, as opposed to downloading online videos. Experts say that you can get 4K video on the 50 Gigabyte Blu-ray disc.

But the device of accumulation of digital information will also increase storage of terabytes of data. Drives and even mobile devices will be able to remember more information, in 2013 a wide spread will get a 128-Gigabyte tablets.

        New mobile capabilities

Fans play on consoles or smartphones can also expect new forms of immersion in the game world. So, will be in use controllers tension of the skin, resembling tiny manipulators on the top of the main joystick, which will provide the opportunity for sensitive management or performing more complex actions.

But even more fun, gamers will be able to get through the devices, allowing to bring tablet gaming to entertainment on Xbox or PS3 gaming consoles. Among these devices include wireless controllers and accessories, giving the option of manual or push-button control iPad, which resembles the controls of old arcade games. Experts believe that tablets are gradually becoming competitors Xbox and other gaming consoles.

Working and playing on mobile devices, tablets or smartphones will be able to get more benefits from your device. Google glasses and smart car apps will help people to avoid potential dangers from falls or collisions during the set text information.


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