How to develop the power of intuition


Intuition can save you from many troubles and suggest the best way out of a difficult situation. But this is not all of the benefits that you get by listening to your inner voice.

In addition, this skill allows you to maintain psychological health. Habit to ignore their inner impulses and to rely only on logic will not allow you to feel good, as if successful you are and no matter how rational, neither were your actions. The fact that psychological health is always consistent and harmonious balance between the mind and the senses, between what you demand from yourself and what you intuitively want to do.

If there is a bias in favor of the requirements, this balance is disturbed, don't you live in harmony with themselves and don't feel comfortable.

How do you communicate with your feelings and intuition?

Develop the right hemisphere.
If the work of logic and rational decision meets the left hemisphere of the brain, the intuition exists because of the right.
School years you were taught to analyze information, to act according to the rules, solve math problems, i.e. trained the left hemisphere. Now let's expand your brain's abilities and will encourage and right.

1. Interested in art and create, dream and meditate, enjoy nature. All of this is within the competence of the right hemisphere. And you will soon notice. Enthusiastically writing poetry or song, you suddenly find that the right words and rhymes come to you by themselves.

Listening to classical music or reading fiction, you will suddenly find the answer you have long tormented question. And find him not in the text, but in his mind, rebuilt thanks to the introduction to the art.

2. From time to time, change your dominant hand. If you are right handed, a little trip and left hand if Lefty — right. Draw and wash the dishes, carry bag and press an unusual hand.

Perform this exercise. Take a pen in an "awkward" for you hand and write on a piece of paper an unfinished sentence meaning the problem you want to allow. For example, "for this To happen, I...", "to improve the health in the first place...", "I'll feel better when...". Without hesitation over the end of the offer, complete it, writing it is also unusual hand.

You might want to try to use your intuition for everyday "clairvoyance". Start with small daily predictions.

In the evening ask yourself the question: what will be the weather tomorrow? And without thinking, without trying to analyze the weather for previous days, or any signs, make your prediction.

Every time before you look at your watch, say: how now may be the time. By the way, for a sense of time and daily biorhythms of the body meets the brain, which in ancient times was called the "third eye" and associated with psychic abilities.

On the way to work, try to imagine what will be dressed by your colleagues.

When you get a phone call, try to guess who it is and why he wants you to hear.

Don't worry if you can't get right the first time. The more you practice, the quicker you will develop intuition. And the more accurate will be your further results.

Look at the word "clairvoyance". It is no coincidence that this gift to recognize the subtle signals Katariina all can perceive, represent it as a "vision." Intuition quite strongly associated with vision. When we try to imagine the future, most often it conjures up before us "pictures", and does not generate the sounds, smells and tactile sensations.

By the way, intuition often compensate for insufficient information from the eyes. As a blind person it is much better developed than a sighted person. But in that case, if you have good eyesight, you can experience this compensating ability.

Exercises to develop intuition. Try for some time blindfolded with a handkerchief. Walk around the apartment, palpate objects. You will notice that navigate in space, not only on memory of location of objects, but in some inexplicable way to "feel" them.

This stay with my eyes closed will be useful to you because you will learn to pay more attention to sensations of the body that are usually ignored. You will be harder to feel the skin warmth and the coolness, the touch of clothing, will catch sounds that did not hear with my eyes open. But if you drink tea or eat a very ordinary product, tightly closed eyelids, you will feel a lot of new flavors.

If you learn to notice the signals from all senses, then your body will be easier to convey to you the danger signal, if something is not right.

The immersion of the senses.
At least once a day to stop the flow of your thoughts for a few minutes, disconnect from all extraneous thoughts. Think only about your physical sensations and emotions. "Scan" your body where you feel tension, where there is some discomfort, calm your breathing and heartbeat?

Try to relax and eliminate all the worries that plague you.

The result of this exercise, you should feel a pleasant warmth spreading over relaxed muscles, the pleasure of staying in your physical body. In this state, the reduced your conscious control, which suppresses the signals from the subconscious and your inner voice.

In such moments, you can come to a creative insight or a clear conviction that we must do something; and this confidence is not based on any logical argument. Listen to your instinct and follow what you suggested intuition.



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