Extroverts on Mars will not take


The efforts of NASA to the preparation of the flight to Mars has forced the psychologists to look into choice types of personalities for the crew in such a long space journey.

A new study shows that the mission to Mars with astronauts-extroverts can be problematic due to the large time of flight, up to three years. Extroverts usually talkative and sociable people, but in a limited, confined space of a spacecraft, it could have undesirable consequences. Psychology Professor Suzanne bell from De Paul University says that the sociability of such people may seem Intrusive in the long term, to other members of the flight. "If one person on a crew always wants to talk while other members are less social, it may be very irritating".

Bell and her colleagues analyzed the results of previous research teams who lived in environments similar to long-term space mission, including simulated spacecraft more than 100 days, as well as missions in Antarctica. Despite all the advantages of this type of personality: assertiveness, energy and sociability, they have considerable disadvantages, manifested in isolated, confined environments. Moreover, extroverts may have difficulty adapting to environments where there are few opportunities for new activities or social interactions, researchers say. These people want to do many things for many to do. And monotonous activity long-term space missions does not imply diversity.

Bell said: "the New results don't mean that extroverts can't go to Mars. Need more specific research to see how many extroverts should be in the team, and whether certain types of training to help prevent potential problems".

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