Scientists— cars with hydrogen engines have a distinct disadvantage

Already for anybody not a secret that the world's major automakers spend huge amounts of money to build hydrogen engines, aiming to make their cars safe, from an environmental point of view. Such development has already spent billions of American dollars. However, according to Julian Cox, a specialist in the field of hydrogen cars, such costs are no longer justified, as the vehicle with hydrogen engine exhales into the air not less carbon dioxide than petrol counterparts.

The scientist also noted that hydrogen, when it is apparent friendliness, in the course of using fuels emit into the air the same amount of carbon dioxide, and petroleum products. In addition, in order to obtain hydrogen fuel requires significant energy waste. As for the large quantity of energy, its production requires the use of gas and oil, therefore, electric vehicles consuming the fuel that is already polluting the atmosphere. It follows from this conclusion: to date, there is simply no environmentally friendly vehicles.

It should also be recalled that last year a similar opinion about electric cars came from Germany. They, in turn, said that the motor is arranged so that it has no harmful emissions, nevertheless, for charging the batteries requires electricity, which is mainly obtained from impure sources.



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