14-year-old girl from India invented the washing machine needs no electricity+video

Remy Jose (Remya Jose) come from Ligator Panchayat (Panchayat Kizhattoor), Malappuram district, Kerala, India. Her father works as a teacher in high school, and his mother was an elementary school principal. She is now 24, and several years ago she completed a 12 year study in a research team.

Throughout the school years the girl showed surprising results: participated in science fairs and won prizes, one of which is the creation of a working model of a tower for antennas for cellular communications, in spite of his busy household.

After the entrance exams in 10th class (in India, the marks obtained in these exams are considered very important for University admission, professional courses and even job search), when Remy was 14, she invented a standalone washing machine.

This invention was born due to the fact that the girl was in a very difficult position: mother Remy was ill and father was undergoing treatment for cancer. She had to make three changes to get to school. In the house there was no washing machine, and all routine work in the household was on the shoulders of 14-year-old girl and her twin sister. And instead of complaining about life, Remy decided to try their hand at creating the necessary equipment.

She studied the work of the ordinary washing machine and thought that electrical energy is to replace mechanical. The girl drew the concept, and the father carried her to the nearest workshop. He asked the workers to try to make such a machine for the drawing when they have free time, agreeing to pay for the work. He then purchased the materials according to the instructions of his daughter and took them to the workshop. Although in the end the girl had to personally explain the mechanics of the Assembly process.

We are accustomed to various kinds of home appliances, and newfangled gadgets, this invention appears surprisingly simple. It consists of an aluminum box, which is a horizontal cylinder, made of metal wire mesh. Cylinder connected to the drive system that consists of a Bicycle chain, Bicycle pedals, sprockets and seats.

In appearance it looks like a bike that is made in the form of an aluminum box. Linen is placed in the cylinder and the housing is filled with water to the level of the clothes, washing powder is added through the hole in left side for 10 minutes before washing to dissolve.

After you have to pedal for three to four minutes. Cylinder, inside of which is clothes that rotates at very high speed, carefully cleaning it. Then water with detergent and dirt is drained and the process is repeated from the beginning. Pedal drive allows the same pressing linen, since the rotation speed is more than sufficient, and it gets out of the car dried at 80 percent.

National Innovation Fund of India (NIF – National Innovation Foundation) have given Remy a patent under No. 643/CHE/2003, 07.08.03 on her invention.

The advantages of this invention is undeniable. In rural areas, ordinary people can not even afford to buy a washing machine, not to mention her daily work. Moreover, when the power supply is interrupted the process of washing in an electric washing machine will last for a long time. At a cost only 200 INR (4 us dollars. USA) the invention of the human is simply priceless. In addition, it is portable, that certainly is a plus in rural areas.

Remy and her innovation well known for in your area. Friends and neighbors, according to them, very grateful to fate for the "little scientist" among them. Interview girl was published in two local Newspapers — Malayala Manorama and Madhayamam. A lot of people showed interest in its innovation, including several television channels, and an engineer from Delhi offered their assistance in improving the invention.

But unfortunately, after a few years, its invention did not receive sufficient support at the state level and did not become public knowledge except the close circle of Remy that this device is very helpful in everyday us life.

the source: indiatoday.intoday.in

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