How dangerous is black mold to your health

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Black mold lead to serious health problems in humans. This species of fungus is important for Earth's ecosystem, but this does not diminish their harm to our health. The toxins produced by black mold, can lead to serious health problems.

Black mold gets nutrition from dead organic substances, decomposing them into simpler forms. It reproduces by spores. This form of mold is growing at an alarming rate and it becomes very difficult to control them. Mold spores together with air into the human body. Direct contact with these types of mold is another way to get infected.

From exposure to black mold there are numerous health problems. Initial symptoms from exposure to this toxic fungus are allergic reactions to cold or dust, and ignoring these early symptoms are very dangerous. If you do not take any measures against mold health problems can be very serious.

Here are some symptoms of infection from this type of mould: feeling stuffiness, shortness of breath, throat irritation, headache, runny nose. Can also batallions reaction. To find out the exact cause of the Allergy must consult a doctor. In some cases it may become a weakness, once a person gets into the infected room.

With such symptoms you should immediately suspicious. Skin rash, itching, swelling is also a sign of exposure to mold. People suffering from asthma may experience worsening of the disease. Other possible health effects, the weakening of the immune system, diarrhea and even death in some cases.

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There are many ways of getting rid of black mold. Some people use bleaches to kill this form. But bleach can't penetrate every corner, in every crevice of the room, where it breeds mold. In addition, the bleaches do not protect against further mould growth. In addition, they are also not good for the body, which further exacerbates health problems.

There are special formulations for the destruction of mold, which are the best option because they have no side effects, and they effectively prevent the growth of mold in the future. Regularly check places the growth of mold and, if necessary, process it, otherwise the mold will spread to your entire house, you must prevent its growth.

Avoid high humidity in the house, maintain good ventilation in all the rooms — here is the first and chief commandment in the fight against mold!


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