The shallow sea in the world

In our Land a huge number of seas. They differ from each other in their size, depth, location, composition of water and marine life. Some sea warm, the other cold, there is a very large, deep sea, and there are quite small. And what of the small seas on our planet?

The most shallow in the world of the sea of Azov. It refers to the system of the Mediterranean sea, the Atlantic ocean and is located in the Eastern Europe, washed by part of the territory of Ukraine and Russia.

The southern part of the sea and the Kerch Strait connects with the Black sea. Its depth is only 13.5 meters, the total water surface area of 37800 square km, and at length the sea stretches for about 380 km, the width Is 200 km. shallow sea in the cold winter is partly covered with ice, summer water temperature reaches up to +28,5°C.

Periodically the sea observed strong storms, although the depth, there were cases when during heavy storms sank ships.

The waters of the Azov sea is heavily polluted by wastes of industrial enterprises and cities located along the banks.

The sea coast is sandy, flat, on the South shore there are hills of volcanic origin, turning into a steep mountain. On the Azov sea coast there are resorts, health resorts, recreation centers and beaches.

The water of the sea of Azov is turbid, salinity is three times less than the salinity of the ocean, as the water prisnyatsya rivers, particularly the don and the Kuban the sea is rich in marine life. In its waters live more than a hundred commercial species of fish such as gobies, sprat, flounder, pike, IDE, roach, sturgeon, horse mackerel, mackerel herring.

There are the most valuable commercial species — Beluga, sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, and other fish species. From mammals in the sea of Azov hobnob porpoise or Dolphin of Azov.

But the depths of the sea of Azov is rich not only in animal organisms, found here commercial reserves of natural gas and various minerals.



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