Four conditions of organic farming


To organic agriculture was really profitable and beneficial for both sides — of the soil, on the one hand and farmer on the other, it is necessary to observe some rules. If You thought that spread on the garden beds at the area the mulch You already have become involved in organic farming, You are deeply mistaken. To really start to deal with organic agriculture need to fulfill certain conditions.

1. Optimum and constant humidity.

The humidity for organic farming, perhaps one of the main conditions. After all, if the soil becomes too dry, it becomes much denser than normal moist soil. Life in dry soil is almost frozen — it stops the decomposition of organic matter. On the contrary, if excess moisture in the soil starts to choke. And in General — with an excess of moisture in the soil starts pretty well-known process — ensiling. Similarly, we kvass for the winter cabbage. If we sauerkraut is very even, this is not so for plants that have to live in such an environment. And so, the first condition of organic farming — optimum and constant humidity.

2. In the soil there should be a system of air cavities and channels connected with the atmosphere.

Let's first look into why we need oxygen in agriculture and in organic farming in particular. We at school know that the basis of life on earth is oxygen. Without oxygen on the earth there will be nothing. So why have we decided that the soil will continue the process of life is very necessary bacteria, microorganisms, worms, when there will be no air and with air, respectively, oxygen?.. And that's not all. Without oxygen cannot flow a number of very important chemical reactions are also required when organic and not only agriculture. Does not convert nitrogen into a digestible form (nitrification), acid, solvent phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements. And finally, no subsurface cavities and channels in the soil will not be able to get water, we need to comply with the first item. Go ahead.

3. In the summer the soil must always be colder than air.

Many here may arise another question — why the soil should be colder, because we are constantly thinking of ways to warm the soil, to quickly appeared shoots? Everything is absolutely correct. No one says that the soil should be sub-zero temperatures. Just the soil temperature should be lower than the air temperature. And because of that we will be able to create an optimum temperature for plants, in which nitrifying bacteria can function normally and in the soil on the walls of the channels will be able to gather the dew, which gives twice as much water than showers.

4. The excess of carbonic acid (H2CO3) to dissolve minerals.

Carbonic acid is formed by joining carbon dioxide and water. Without carbonic acid subsoil does not give the solution in the batteries. And for the connection of water and carbon dioxide in the soil needs to be fully present the first three paragraphs of the conditions.
Here it is in compliance with all four conditions and produces the best environment for plants ' roots, which in turn leads to increased yields of all without exception of crops several times. This can be achieved using a number of simple techniques should always mulch the soil and forget all about digging deep and plowing.

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