Transparent solar panels – a fusion of energy and beauty

Colored and transparent solar cells – the invention of electronics Professor Jay Guo from the University of Michigan. One day they can be used for the manufacture of stained glass, colored glass inserts in the doors or even in sunglasses, able to transform solar energy into electricity. These solar panels can be placed not only on the roof of buildings and the glazing of the South and West sides, making the project attractive for further research.

"We think we can create a solar panel more attractive – any color and shape. Particularly interested in the possibility of using such panels in buildings," says Jay Guo .

To showcase technology he created tiny solar panel the size of a palm, in the form of the national flag of the United States. Red stripes and blue background is the solar cells efficiency of 2%. If you use a high-tech organic solar cells – the efficiency of these solar panels will be at the level of 10% was obtained in the research laboratory.

Unlike standard solar – colored equally with all types of light waves and, consequently, do not receive a large amount of potential energy. However, due to this and achieved transparency solar Guo, since part of the light is lighting, not in electricity.

Variegation of solar panels is achieved thanks to simple technology, namely the use of different thickness of the layer of amorphous silicone, from which they are made. Indeed, paint is not used, and the thickness of the panels – a total of 6-13 nm. Another important advantage is that the colored solar cells catch the light at any point of their surface, whatever the position of the sun in the sky. In addition to the blue and red flowers, already open and green, he just was no place on the flag.



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