The most useful houseplants for your home

Houseplants have long been beloved by many people. Nothing can so to decorate the room, to create comfort as they come. In addition, potted plants can purify the air of various toxic substances – varnishes, resins, detergents, fumes of plastic products. They increase humidity, reduce electromagnetic radiation, to kill bacteria. Good plants and on the nervous system, they have a calming effect, relieves irritation, aggression, fatigue.

The leader of the fight against harmful vapors emitted by synthetic materials is Chlorophytum. Its bactericidal effect is such that it per day can purify the air in a flat average of harmful microorganisms. This plant is not demanding to care for, very hardy. With proper care – abundant watering, the location in a well lit area, Chlorophytum is very decorative. To improve its cleansing properties, you can add in flower pots activated carbon.

Another champion on the usefulness and prevalence – room geranium. Geranium is widespread throughout the world. It is unpretentious, easy to propagate, has a long flowering period, likes a well-lit place. The plant needs abundant watering in spring and summer months. Geranium allocates biologically active substances, capable of destroying such bacteria as streptococci and staphylococci. In addition, it purifies and refreshes the air, as if sucking a funky smell, dampness, heat. The plant has a calming effect on excited, under stress of the person. It is recommended to have in a bedroom.

Should be considered one but that night the plants absorb oxygen so it is important not to overdo it with the number of plants in the bedroom and the nursery.




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