Arturo the saddest polar bear in the world, which struggles with 40 With heat+video

A polar bear named Arturo was in distress while in the zoo of Mendoza, Argentina. Arturo sits in concrete walls of the zoo and suffering from 40-degree heat, unable even to find a place to cool off. They say that he is depressed since his long-time friend of Pelus (Pelusa) died two years ago. Now a single white 29-year-old bear suffers not only from heat but also mad from loneliness. Activists demand that Arturo was Transferred to another zoo where he will have a cooler living conditions.

The world community has been nicknamed the polar bear, Arturo, the saddest animal on earth

Days to fly Arturo is suffering from the heat and the loneliness that causes him to behave strangely. If Arturo doesn't lie, he's walking around, swinging his head and showing his teeth

Arturo doesn't even have the opportunity to properly cool down, all he has is a small pool, 50 cm deep

Activists demand that Arturo be moved to another zoo, but the zoo management has made it clear that it is against it, because 5 months ago it banned the transportation of a bear in the zoo Assiniboine Park Zoo in Canada

The least, the activists of Greenpeace have collected 160 thousand signatures to the bear was transported to Canada in a more natural habitat

Arturo eats 15 kg of meat every day and as much fruit and vegetables as he can eat

Arturo lives in a zoo in Mendoza for 20 years and had no contact with their own kind except for his friend, the polar bear of Pelus, who died 2 years ago



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