Beauty contest "Miss Venezuela 2008" in Caracas

In Caracas hosted the final of the beauty contest "Miss Venezuela", in which the winner was 18-year-old Stefania Fernandez (Stefania Fernández), who lives in the city of Trujillo.

Miss Venezuela 2008 Stefania Fernandez.

Newly-crown Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez 2008 was presented by the Venezuelan beauty pageant winner of last year and acting Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza (Dayana Mendoza).

It is worth noting that Venezuela and Puerto Rico have the largest after the United States the number of wins in the history of the contest Miss Universe - Dayana Mendoza became the fifth representative of Venezuela won the title "Miss Universe».

Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza and Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez 2008.

Miss Venezuela 2008 Stefania Fernandez is Ukrainian, Galician and Venezuelan roots.

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela 2007 and Miss Universe 2008.

Other members of the "Miss Venezuela 2008».


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