Facts you should know about space

Space – something that scares you is deceptive by its proximity and emptiness, and alluring at the same time. The eternity that hides behind the concept of a light year, it is impossible to pass.

If ever possible, to do this, it is useful to know something about the mysterious space.

It turns out that in space, the metal can be welded without chemical reactions (catalysts), and heat are no external influences. Openly it was in 1940, and called the process "cold welding", which can not do without in the production of so-called nano.

And yet, the astronauts very little time for sleep, because they Wake up cheerful songs NASA employees. Video — extraordinary people: passionate about the job, but has a terrific sense of humor, and therefore broadcast the astronauts only refreshing songs about outer space.

Will not allow NASA to take into space favorite bird. So it does not that it is bad to treat them, and on the basis of security for them. It is known that birds for digestion the necessary gravity. That is why in space there were various animals and birds – ever. Just their stomach is not compressed during the digestion of food, and pushed it by the gravity when tilting the head.

It is not advisable to take on the evil sister of the Earth — the planet Venus.

The fire plains of Venus

The only thing the planet was made by a Russian camera

All attempts to send her the camera and the camera, ended in failure for a very long time. Well, she did not want to conduct "photo shoots". Managed to photograph it only after sending the satellites "Venera-9", which is blue planet its aggression showed near as surprised rocky slopes. Later, she "persuaded" in 1982, Venera-13, and then, and Venera-14, delivered to our planet pictures of higher quality than the previous one. The layout of the topographic high was able to "get" these two satellites. And they are the envy of even Curiosity, drilling holes on the red planet.

Well, if you threaten the Foundation of the colony, then you should know that only one hundred and sixty people (minimum) will help the colonialists to keep the gene pool a few generations. Otherwise, the children will have serious health problems.

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