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Disc herniation is a displacement of the disc nucleus, in which there is damage to the fibrous ring. In the result there is a bulging back or to the side of the hernia, affecting the nerve and causing swelling and inflammation of the surrounding tissues. Hernia occurs on the background of worsening of the stage of osteoarthritis as a result of lifting heavy weights, long stay in an uncomfortable position, sitting at the computer or driving a car, receiving minor injuries. With age, spinal discs lose their elasticity and wear out, therefore, the most susceptible people are the elderly and middle-aged.

The discs of the spine are natural shock absorbers, allowing it to bend in any direction. Are the disks and flexible gelatinous cores and firm fibrous rings. When herniation of the ring pushes into the canal of the spinal cord part of the soft core, which leads to compression of the nerve and pain in the spine. Most frequently prone to hernia moving the lumbar and cervical parts.

The symptoms of hernia

— aching pain in the back, accompanied by backache and numbness; — weakness and numbness in chest, arm or neck;
— pain in the lumbar region, and nagging pain in the leg;
— a sharp increase in pain when bending, coughing, sneezing, or sharp turns.
Often pain accompanied by high blood pressure, vertigo and numbness of the limbs and fingers.
  Treatment of herniated discs
Almost always disc herniation causes intense pain and discomfort. Ignoring early symptoms can lead to a complete inability to move, therefore, hernia treatment must be started as soon as possible. Before you begin to self-treatment of hernia, it is necessary to discuss methods and techniques with a qualified physician. Timely and well-chosen methods will help to avoid surgery in most cases. The best solution in the treatment of herniated discs is a combination of modern medicine and folk ways.

Folk remedies for the treatment of a hernia:

Treatment red clay. From the water-wetted clay should make a ball and wrap with gauze. Then the clay is heated to 37 and applied to the hernia fixed with tape. Remove clay once it dries. This method is considered the most effective in the treatment of various types of hernia.

Treatment with honey. The spine to RUB fir oil, and then apply the mixture of 100 g. honey and 1 C. Shilajit mixed in 1 tsp hot water. The composition should be thoroughly rubbed.

A compress with horse fat. Fat put a thin layer of polyethylene and applied to the spine. Then the waist is wrapped with a cotton cloth and leave for 1.5 hours.

Infusion drupe. 1 tbsp leaves of the herb pour 200 ml of boiling water and insist 4 hours. Drink infusion during the day in three doses.

Aspen broth. Especially effective is the remedy for lumbar hernia. 1 tablespoon of bark pour water and boil for an hour. Take 3 times daily by spoon.

Massage with honey. Before a session it is necessary to RUB the small of the back oil of birch, St. John's wort or comfrey. You can alternate between them. After the patient rubbed oil on my back sprayed honey. The session lasts no more than 5 minutes in the following techniques: a hand falls on his back, sticks to a layer of honey, then the hand with the power off and put back. Massage brings a lot of pain, but its effectiveness is quite large. After the session the back of the patient is thoroughly rubbed with a cloth and wrap.

Tincture of cinquefoil. It is successfully used for the preparation of ointments, in traditional medicine. To prepare a tincture, you need 300 g washed root pour a liter of vodka and insist 3 weeks in a dark place. Just a few days you need to shake the container and at the end of the drain. The drug is taken 3 times a day 1 tbsp, along with a SIP of water. When all the tincture will be used, you should take a break for 30 days and then repeat the course of treatment until full recovery.

Treatment with garlic. 300 g heads mince and pour 150 ml of pharmaceutical alcohol. Then the mass tag in a jar and put in a dark place for 10 days. Ready mixture is applied on the area of the hernia, covered with foil and wrapped. To keep the poultice should be no more than an hour, and then wipe back with a cloth, without washing.

Kalanchoe. With the leaf removed the top film and apply it to the hernia, fixing with plaster. The procedure is best done before bed, leaving the sheet for the night.

People use means to the operated hernia, care should be taken, be sure to think over the treatment plan with the doctor.

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