Space travel solar Sailer +video

Launch a solar sailing ship with missiles FalconHeavy. Moreover, this mission will be financed by private funds, its cost is estimated at $ 4.5 million.

As reported "" with reference to project Manager Doug Stetson of the American Planetary society, this technology has the potential to move through the Solar system. Solar sailing uses the kinetic energy of the photons of light emitted by the Sun the photons are captured by the material (in this case Mylar), the velocity of the vehicle as it increases.

Some elements will need solar panels, and only later with the development of technology, perhaps the sailboat will be able to make fully Autonomous.

The acceleration of the sailboat outside the atmosphere will continue to grow, all that is necessary for movement — only sunlight. Cons, which is at the moment — the lack of braking and maneuvering. This is especially true when planning flight paths, taking into account the risk of collision with an asteroid or space debris. Scientists today ponder the solution to this problem, including, from the point of view of the ability to use gravity of the planets.

LightSail-1 is a small device, its length is about 30 cm, it will be equipped with 4 ultra-thin sails of Mylar and three 10-inch Kubatli. The launch will take place in medium-earth orbit (16-2000 km), which is sufficient in order to avoid the resistance of the atmosphere. Orbiting Mylar sails unfold, their area will be 32 square meters.

Solar sailboats are considered extremely promising in future missions to distant stars, the researchers plan run to the moon and asteroids, and that's LightSail-1 would be a pioneer.



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