Mall of the World—a unique city, with adjustable temperature in Dubai video

The richest city of UAE, Dubai will soon acquire a "city within a city". And erected the city will become the world's first metropolis on the planet, which is hidden under the dome. The city will have its own climate control, but until recently the topic of archologie rose only scientific fiction.

But since the temperature is not prohibitive and allows you to stay under the scorching rays for a long time, engineers UAE decided to turn fantasy into reality.

The city will combine the function of a giant shopping complex, which has received the name "Mall of the World". According to the architects, "World trade center" will cover not one solid dome, and several lengths of transparent domes. A series of such dome of the sky will cover an area of 4.5 sq. km. the engineers Also supplied every major place public private semi-circular dome.

The assurances of the leaders of the project, it will fully comply with the principles of ecological purity of the Smart Dubai. In its construction it is planned to use only eco-friendly materials (floors, Windows, diffusers, etc.), modern technology, energoeffektivnye engineering and equipment with the latest technology.

Approximately 750 sq. m. from the "Mall of the World" will be given for retail space and theme Park, which promises to be the largest in the world. Also in the dome metropolis provides for the construction of hundreds of hotels, ready to provide 20,000 rooms.

Such grandiose plans was possible due to the large territory is given under a unique city. In length the length shall not be less than 7 km. This is enough to place in the city theatres, medical facilities, places for cultural events. Each district will have its own independent climate control.

Dubai authorities have reported that "World trade center" will welcome tourists all year round. According to administration calculations, unique construction will attract annually up to 200 million tourists.



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