Food can be a bad habit

Fifty nine million eight hundred thirty six thousand seven hundred twenty two

The University of Luxembourg proved the existence of dependence on food.

Some women who participated in the study, faced with a sharp craving for food immediately after a meal, which directly speaks of this dependence on the work of neurotransmitters: they are activated when a person gambles, smokes, has sex, takes drugs and... eating.

As the participants checked in 3 hours after a meal or immediately after a meal, showing them on the computer pictures of food. In some of the pictures were of fatty or sugary foods, and some images that are not related to food. Women were supposed to click the mouse as quickly as possible with the appearance of images, so the images of food of the women was slow in clicking the mouse, and admitted that they are experiencing hunger (and, regardless of how long ago they ate). Mostly well-behaved women are overweight. It turns out that some people have a physiological predisposition to overeating, which causes a strong dependence on food.




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