Illinois legalized medical marijuana for kids

Residents of Illinois with epilepsy or other convulsive disorder, will soon be available for the treatment of medical marijuana, Reuters reports. On Sunday, the Governor of the state and the head of the Democratic party Pat Quinn (Pat Quinn) has signed a law to permit the use of cannabis by adults and children.

Currently, two States – Colorado and Washington – legalized the recreational use of cannabis (i.e., not associated with medical indications).

In some US States legalized the use of marijuana and its derivatives only for medical purposes, and last year in new Jersey signed a bill permitting the use of marijuana for children, which is associated with various positive results.

So, for example, about a year ago the American media reported about the successful cases of treatment of dravet syndrome, a rare severe form of epilepsy) in children using oil of leaf extract of cannabis containing cannabinoid, which is known for its anticonvulsive and calming effect.

"The new law will help to alleviate the suffering of many adults and children across the state – said Quinn in a statement. – Epilepsy is a debilitating your condition, and this much-needed amendment to the legislation will help reduce the severity of symptoms".

The law, which will come into force in January next year, will allow to treat children with seizures, securitising form of cannabis (for example, oil-leaf extract of cannabis) if they have parental permission.

"We have a 14–year-old resident of the state living with epilepsy," said a lawmaker from the Republican party Jim Durkin (Jim Durkin), as a co-sponsor of the new law. – His parents want to give my son the opportunity to ease his seizures. Unfortunately, conventional medicines and methods in his case don't work".

As stated in Sunday's press Secretary Katie Hickey Quinn (Katie Hickey), from September residents of the state will be able to apply for permission to use the drug for medicinal purposes, and from the beginning of next year, it is expected that the law will fully enter into force.



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