otoreportazh production of medical marijuana in California

Pictures from the production of medical marijuana in California, where it is possible to be fully legalized cannabis.

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1. «Medi-Cone» - a greenhouse and a factory for the production of hemp in Marin County. Employees of the company «United Food & Commercial Workers Union» produce marijuana cigarettes to meet the demand for medical marijuana in California.

2. In the United States during the second half of XIX - early XX centuries, were sold without restrictions from hemp drugs used to treat migraines, stomach ulcers and other diseases.

3. psychoactive properties of cannabis Americans met through Mexican immigrants. Of particular popularity of cannabis has won among jazz musicians.

4. At the beginning of the 1930s. there have been several major lobbying campaigns, and the US Congress in 1937, against the advice of the American Medical Association passed a law, the taxable marijuana trade such high taxes that its use was banned in fact.

5. In the US and other countries there are organizations that are engaged in promotion of the legalization of marijuana. One of the oldest is the NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), founded in 1970.

6. It advocates the abolition of criminal penalties for the possession and consumption of marijuana by adults, including for its cultivation for personal consumption.

7. NORML facilitated referendums in several states, which resulted in the marijuana was decriminalized there

8. In November 2010, California will also be held a referendum on the legalization of marijuana.

9. In the event of approval of the legalization, persons under the age of 21 can have an ounce (about 28 grams) of marijuana and grow marijuana for personal use.

10. According to opinion polls, probably, Californians will vote for the legalization of marijuana: California's population belongs to the drug rather liberally.

11. 14 years ago, in 1996, California became the first state allowed to use cannabis for medical purposes.

12. Proponents of legalization say that marijuana is not as dangerous and addictive as alcohol and tobacco.

13. In addition, taxes on sales "grass" will allow the state to receive income in the 1, 3 billion dollars.

14. Opponents of legalization result Statistics of crimes that have been committed because of marijuana, as well as increased incidence of marijuana use among adolescents.

15. One of the opponents of marijuana legalization advocates US President Barack Obama, who believes finds untenable proposals to strengthen the US economy through trade in cannabis.



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