Medical marijuana in Israel

Cannabis is known, not only the drug, but the drug, for example, in cases when it is necessary to treat depression and panic disorder, or alleviate adverse effects of chemotherapy. In Israel today marijuana legally receive about two thousand people.
Up to a point-for-profit organization "tikkun olam," the medical marijuana, supplied the residents of Israel it for free, but now it will be forced to ask patients to pay for the Israelis supplied them the drug. Such a decision in the "Tikkun Olam" came as a result of a forced necessity.

Following the announcement of the likely admission of medical marijuana in the basket of medicines, the number of requests for getting her dose increased more than 500%! Thus, we can talk about forty thousand Israelis who would be needed marijuana. In "Tikun Olam" we were simply not able to meet such requests free.
Therefore, since the beginning of the week all the Israelis who need medical marijuana, will have to make a one-time fee of 116-year-shekels (about $ 30), for administrative expenses, as well as monthly pay three hundred and sixty shekels (about $ 100). At the same time, the number of people who need marijuana to grow and the cost of this natural drug.

In the organization of "tikkun olam" state that understands that such a policy will lead to anger a lot of Israelis, however, if the organization does not receive subsidized marijuana, residents of Israel would have to pay for it over a thousand shekels each month.
And, buying marijuana illegally, the Israelis would have paid more money, though the quality of the "street" marijuana is much less than marijuana, specially designed for medical purposes. Reports

"On the street" marijuana is much less. Despite the police fight the spread of the drug cannabis smoke very much. The numbers are impressive -as data for 2005, 'grass' play about 8% of the adult (18-40 years) population of Israel. That is almost one in ten, or constantly trying to smoke marijuana.

So, grow "legal marijuana". In the photo, a hotbed of Tikkun Olam, located in northern Israel.


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