"Herbal business" in Colorado Insights

Colorado - one of the 14 states, which allowed the medical use of marijuana. So here we are witnessing a real boom of various companies engaged in the cultivation and distribution of "grass».

8 Photo © Jeff Riedel for the magazine TIME

1. Planning businessman

Joe Di Fabio opened the pharmacy offering "the best product at the best prices in the city, in a safe, confidential environment." Its main customers - wealthy residents of the city of Colorado Springs.


2. Plantation

Conducted in Colorado Wu 2000 referendum approved the legal possession of marijuana for patients with "debilitating diseases". Initially, the patient whose doctor appointed him marijuana might agree with a friend or neighbor, so that he grew marijuana for him - to 6 bushes. Each of growing cannabis could provide potion no more than 5 patients. But in 2007 a group of lovers of marijuana called Sensible Colorado (Colorado sane) filed a lawsuit against the state health care system, and the state Court recognized limit of 5 patients was unconstitutional. Over the next 2 years in the state opened more than a thousand "pharmacy" with the drug, supplying about 100,000 residents, who suddenly found themselves in need of healing herbs and issued a special medical card.


3. A wide range of

In one such "pharmacy», Nancy B's Edible Medicine, visitors can buy cakes, rice crackers, macaroons and baskets - all with fun filled.


4. Chef

Mistress of the pharmacy, 35-year-old Dzheneliz Robinson manages its successful small business in the area of ​​Park West Denver. "I've always liked to cook, and always liked marijuana. I am glad that I can do in the world something useful. " The two employees of the company, and soon plans to hire a third Dzheneliz.


5. The doctor and the patient

Initially, the law of 2000, it opened the way medical use of marijuana, was that marijuana can be prescribed to patients suffering from a "debilitating diseases": cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, multiple sclerosis; as well as more vague symptoms, such as a "severe nausea" and "acute pain". In the picture - Dr. Alan Sheklford, a Harvard graduate and a supporter of the medical use "grass", takes a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome.


6. Plantation

Andy Kukston with his wife - owners of Cannabis Medical Technology, «Pharmacy" in Denver, which grows and distributes more than 20 varieties of marijuana. Here you can also buy a variety of delicacies with kannabinolnoy filling, to get advice on the use of potions and take a massage and soak in the "Tesla's lamps" for harmonizing the natural energy of the body.


7. Eye law

Alarmed boom "pharmacies" potion, the Colorado government appointed inspector marihuanovogo businesses Matt Cook (pictured), in the past - a policeman and now a tax official. Cook has already submitted a report on the 92 pages of the proposed regulatory measures and limitations. He was repelled by the rules governing gambling.


8. Know the measure

Colorado authorities decided a few podzatyanut nuts and tighten laws. They are plagued by vague doubts that marijuana is assigned is not only hopelessly sick people. Records of the Department of Health State of the beginning of this year show that among patients who prescribed marijuana is only 2% of cancer patients, even 1% - AIDS, and 92%, as it turns out, are suffering from "severe pain" - a vague symptom that is very difficult to confirm or deny. Three of the four "planned" patients today - men under the age of 40 years. Brian Vicente, head of the organization Sensible Colorado, said these figures unrepresentative. After all, young men are more likely to be engaged in physical labor, which leads to a variety of chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system. "These figures show just simply that pain - much more widespread phenomenon in our society than AIDS or cancer."




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