The milky Way is half the size of Andromeda

As a result of new scientific experiments, scientists-astronomers of great Britain, Spain, the United States and Canada have determined that the bulk of the galaxy where we live, is less than the Andromeda, which with us is.

According to the results of conducted work, it was obtained the mass value of the three major galaxies of the milky Way, Andromeda, the Triangle, with their dwarf galaxies are considered satellites under the name of the Local group is thousands of times greater the mass of the sun. Dark matter in the milky Way and Andromeda have 90% of the mass. The researchers obtained the values of several other quantities, including the Hubble constant for the Local group.

Having constructed the model, which was considered present laws of motion in systems of stars, the researchers found, the distance between the galaxies and the speed of their movement in the Local group. It was found that the center of gravity was between the Milky Way and Andromeda, and the size of the system amounted to almost 3 megaparsec.

It is worth noting that astronomers have established the following: as well as revolve around the Sun in the Solar system all the planets, every star in the milky Way revolves around a black hole. Today it is unclear how far the wide expanses of the milky Way, but with the opening of remote red giants, astronomers are closer to answering this question.

These stars that are aging suns, located in 890, and 780 thousand light-years from Earth, will help to probe unexplored space, that is, to accurately estimate the mass of the galaxy.




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