Unhappy cat is talking with the hostess (video)

Unknown to the English-speaking YouTube user very lucky with the cat. At least when he will need someone to talk to, a cat can be a good source. In the video, which was published on August 19 and since then has collected more than 350 thousand hits, captured the emotional monologue of a pet.

"Cats really can understand their owners," – said in comments to the video. There is no more said nothing: no home to an amazing animal, or what his name was. But captured on video and you can hear like a cat "talks" to the hostess. However, he sounds a little like a regular meow.

The animal stands near the door with a mosquito net, through which the mistress removes it on video. Apparently, the Charter requested the inside, the cat climbs on the railing on the porch and continues the "conversation" from there. After he finishes the next "tirade" and pauses, and the hostess asks: "What?" And the cat continues to meow as if answering her.

When he is not allowed inside, the cat begins to hiss angrily, then raises his voice and hits it with his paw for mosquito mesh.

Source: ecowars.tv/


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