Oh, blondes ...)))

Common workday. Inspector licenses and permits department is receiving visitors. Suddenly there is a noise in the hallway ... First Inspector pretends that it does not apply. Calm down and make some noise ... but the noise did not subside, but instead begins to grow already heard some screams. And there, among other things, office of the chief SMOB. It will be then in a meeting ... shall hold regular visitor, the inspector goes to the door and looks out.
 Among men of power and serious hunters wormed ... girl. Blonde (God forbid, do not want to offend all the fair-haired ladies, but she still was a blonde).
Mini-skirt, knee-high boots on the SBI-t this heel, rings on his fingers. Makeup.
 - Oh, man! Well, how do you not understand ?! I do not have time to sit in the queue! Tomorrow is the opening of the season, but I still do not have even a gun! Well, you will if you skip ahead a poor girl !?
 Seeing the inspector rushes to him.
 - Comrades officers! I just for a second! Trifling matter!
 - Well, come in, please ... - Inspector still a man, and the girl is even anything ... - Citizens, calm down, take all ...
 - Well, what do you have?
 - I need a permit for a gun permit!
 - For the purchase? Let's documents ...
 - Documentation?
 - Well yes. Help from a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist, a medical examination, a copy of the passport. Here's a blank, write a statement. I sent a request to the Special checks, the district will go to you, look ... Pay weapons cabinet in a savings bank fee ...
 - And when the resolution?
 - Well, if you're all right, then, two weeks after ... Get permission to buy, you bring me a gun for inspection and even a week will get permission to store ...
 - And tomorrow?
 - What tomorrow?
 - I can go hunting tomorrow?
 - Of course, the only way without a gun ... and a hunting license you have?
 - Hunting license?
 - Well yes. Without it, you can only keep a gun at home. For self-defense. And you can not hunt without him ...
 - I do not have that ticket ... and help from a psychologist ...
 - Psychiatry.
 - What's the difference! You do not understand! Tomorrow! Opening! Season! All of our travel! I've bought myself a pretty spotty suit and boots! But without a gun, they told me ... - sob. - Do not take! It can not be tomorrow, eh?
 - You just do not cry ... I am absolutely powerless. You see, there is order, orders, instructions ...
 - Well, shake-a-aluysta - is about splashed tears. Fortunately the phone rings.
 - Yes. I understood. Ida. Sorry, girl, authorities urgently calls ...
 - I'll wait for you. I'm sure you can help me! - Significantly lowers his eyes ...
 Inspector bullet flies out of the room, wiping his brow with a handkerchief. Meanwhile, she notes in the office of another officer. Young handsome Lieutenant (Sub-Inspector) pretends to be busy with paperwork, but occasionally throws visitor interested gaze. She switched to the new object.
It sits closer, throws his legs, straightens her hair. From half-closed eyelashes languid eyes ...
 - Maybe you can help me? ... .. Officer - seen too many American films.
 - Hardly. Sergey G. If we could not ... By the way, to whom are going to hunt?
 - Well, I do not know ... Ducks there any bears or ... It does not matter. It is important that all of our traveling without a gun and I did well ... Oh, please, help me ... Are you my very, very sorry not? ...
 - I'd love to, but ... But ... You know, I had one thought ... You know, there are guns, about which few people know ... They can be bought without a permit ... I will write you the name on a piece of paper, and you go to the store and ask .
 - Oh, really ?! You are lovely!

The office is hovering stable perfume. Embarrassed lieutenant rubbed his cheeks with a handkerchief with bright red lipstick ...
 Blonde, singing, rushing to his little "Suzuka" in the weapon shop. In her handbag she is a piece of paper on which is written large block letters:

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