Acupuncture for wrinkles

Many people cringe when they think or imagine of the needle, however, ancient medical practice of acupuncture in our days is gradually gaining more and more popularity. Supporters of this treatment say that it can help to cope with a wide range of medical problems, ranging from stress and to chronic pain. Some practitioners of acupuncture claim that it can reduce and hide the signs of aging. The acupuncturists clinic Whole Body Health in Austin even created a separate area of procedures under the name of "Aku-lifting", aimed at smoothing of wrinkles and reduce other signs of aging. During each session, the specialist raises 30 to 60 needles in the patient's face to help activate collagen production, thereby creating a more youthful appearance of the skin. Results are visible after 10 sessions. Does ACU-facelift? Although many people believe that acupuncture can work wonders, national center for complementary and alternative medicine notes that this form of medicine is quite controversial. Some scientists believe that the effect of acupuncture can be compared to a placebo effect. Those who are skeptical of this kind of rejuvenating skin, want to turn to a more faithful and effective methods of improving the aesthetics of the face.If You are looking for an effective alternative to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, try the exercises for the face, which has already proved its effectiveness.



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