The terminator could become a reality: scientists have learned how to control liquid metal+video

It seems that fiction is becoming reality and soon we will see a real robot T-1000 from the legendary film "Terminator". All this can happen thanks to scientists from the University of North Carolina, who managed to create a new method to control the shape of the liquid metal.


As the resource the researchers used a special alloy of gallium, which melts at room temperature. They found that if you apply an electric charge to the alloy in the water, it will be quite easy to change its shape.

After three years of studying this phenomenon, they found out how it works. It turns out that if you submit to the droplet voltage, it produces a very thin oxide coating, which completely disappears in the absence of stress.

"The liquid works the two main forces which control its form and behavior. It is gravity and the force of surface tension. If we learn to control these forces, we will be able to control and shape liquid metal," says one of the researchers of the University.

According to scientists, their development can find wide application in many fields. For example, you can create electronic circuits which will be transformed in real time. Also, this material can be used mirrors for cameras and telescopes, to be able to dynamically change the focus.

Unfortunately, this alloy of gallium loses its properties, while not in the water. However, as the creators say, they may be able to find another alloy which will have the same characteristics, being outdoors.

Also, it is impossible to manage a large quantity of alloy, as in this situation the force of gravity takes over. But despite this, the present invention is another step on the way to the management of liquid metal.



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