The boy-snake changing skin once in 41 days, not to die

Ari Wibowo – Indonesian teenager suffering from a rare genetic disease erythroderma.
The unfortunate boy has to reset his skin every 41 days, because of what it called "boy-snake".

This terrible disease causes permanent peeling and flaking skin that falls from him in large chunks. Thus, his skin is completely renewed once in 41 days.

16-lenny Ari is forced every hour to wet themselves with water, and every three hours to use a moisturizing skin lotion, in order not to die from excessive dry skin.

Photographer Norcali Zachary Lubis captured the life of this poor boy, who daily struggles with his illness, suffering from severe pain all over my body and trying to survive. Also, he had problems with his vision — he sees badly in the right eye.

Externally, the teenager looks like he was the victim of severe burns.

"If he stops to moisturize your skin, then it hardens, and Ari will not be able to move and even speak," said the photographer Norcali Zachary Lubis edition of the Daily Mail.

Despite the daily flour Ari tries to live a normal life in his village. For a long time he suffered from superstitions of the local religious community that he was considered almost a demon.
In the village even once started a rumor that he is supposedly half-human half-proamerica and communion with him is dangerous for life.

"He plays, learns, along with the other children. Loves snacks of instant noodles and crackers, — says the photographer. But it was not always so. He had to endure the taunts and disdain from the locals. In the end I got used to him and accepted what it is."




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