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Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation when forced to engage in dialogue or keep the conversation going, although really want to just shut up. At such moments the whole conversation trying to minimize and cut out all the unnecessary phrases from the speech of the opponent. But properly it? The author SORPHY_SAN about the purpose of the speech, the words parasites and tolerance to the interlocutor.

Parents lived in a communal apartment, when my brother was born. Mum wrote a shopping list in the Tatar ("TOZ, IPI, may..."*) and stuck on the common fridge, and aunt Zhenya, passing by, remarked over his shoulder: "you have all the words on three letters".

Eighty three million eight hundred thirty six thousand five hundred twenty seven

Illustration for the book by Edward Wheeler "Stuttering and babbling" — new York (1912)


When I am physically tired, unwittingly turn to Tartar, because the words are short and the frame is rigid. You can't say "I would say that I love you" six factorial ways and each with its own shade. Just relax and tell it pattern.

But the worst fatigue that I become intolerant to the other party hag.

Everyone has their own ideas about the culture of the ideal man: how to talk than to earn a living, how to behave in society, how much to weigh, what to read, what music to listen to, whether you wear socks with sandals. There's aesthetic appearance, to which man strives and lowest bracket is softer, which it sets for others who includes in your social circle.

For me an important speech. The three pillars of quality: the transfer of thoughts without packet loss, brightness and brevity. To follow the development of thoughts is important not only in writing but also in oral histories; during an evening conversation in the kitchen no one cancels the entry, complication, climax and cute little conclusion. An hour and a half of endless preparing introductions without a single thought, voiced to the end, tire cleaner schoolboy remembrance of pancake through the word.

The only purpose of speech is to convey a message. Everything. The message can be not just a set of dry facts: if I want to tell you how we were sitting on the couches under the vineyard stars dot the sky like powdered sugar cake, around the lamps and it seemed that even the house itself behind, and fruit trees in the garden silently partying with us — without the precision of word choice and weak brightness of the transmission of the message will lose some of the meaning.

But all that does not serve as transfer, extra: parasites, buzz words, quotes from books or movies, so hackneyed that they have become just a set of sounds (don't just say "don't eat over the laptop," and will certainly stretch "is for a computer are prohibited in our part of the army" despite the fact that nobody laughs this joke). We own a home there are 3-4 phrase from the Soviet film I remember from childhood because parents were regularly pasted them into it and vpopad not. I remember that I was bright red tights with fleece and I used a green pot, and even I was annoyed by these empty phrases-parasites.

The excess can be not only individual phrases, but whole sentences. For example, I explain to a friend some idea and gather in the head of the phrase that accurately describes my point. It is the ambiguity in a certain context, it becomes vulgar. He knows I deliberately pronounce it, after all how many can joke about that, not in the first class, by God, moreover, is so important to me to give you an idea.

And here he understands, I understand, but it is still beautiful to interrupt the thread of the conversation, to insert a stupid joke. And we spread the extra 3 remarks: a joke, my response, his response. So frustrating, especially when you're tired and hard for you even to sit next to the person, but you gathered together and conduct a dialogue with him.

Or friends who to make conversation, asking questions with obvious answers. They are not rhetorical, they are waiting for an answer and I think it's in bad taste. In sleep state, I still somehow answer them or walk carefully, and when I am two weeks in turbo mode the robot without recharging, I'm just looking at the man the wolf and ask: why do you say that? You know the answer, I fucking hate that you make me once again to open his mouth, wag of the word hurl.

Or you can just say "I don't appreciate jokes."

I raise the bar closest people to heaven, but rather, to standards for itself and begin to punish them.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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