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Some common items that can bring far more benefits than we can imagine. Try and you will see that these seven products can be used twenty alternative ways to cope with important challenges.


1. Salt

Removes wine stains. Blot the stain (do not RUB) to remove the contamination as possible. Then generously sprinkle the stain with salt and leave for ten minutes. Rinse with cold water, if necessary repeat the procedure. If the stain was on the carpet, you can leave the salt to dry and then clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Makes the candle "drip-free". Put candles in salt water for a few hours, then let them dry and you will see – during combustion will not be any drops or splashes.

2. Distilled white vinegar

Returns the "youth" of wilted vegetables and greens. Put the greens or other vegetables in a bowl of water for about ten minutes, adding a tablespoon of vinegar in two cups of water.

Prevents mutual staining colored clothes in the wash. Add a Cup of vinegar in the washing machine to hold in place the dye for the new towels, or other linen.

Protects the cheese from mold. Soak a paper towel in white vinegar and wrap hard cheese to prevent mold spores.

3. Vaseline

Protects car doors from freezing. Brush with a thin layer of vaseline insulating strip in a car door and you won't have to worry opens the door after a night of cooling.

Gives professional excellence home manicure (pedicure). Using cotton buds apply vaseline along the contour of the nail. Now varnish will not remain on the skin. But you can still hold the same stick in the rim of the bottle with a varnish, so it always opens easily.

Drives away ants from a bowl of dog food. Grease the bowl with a thin layer of jelly and ants will have to go to dinner at another place.

4. Honey

Eases the hangover pain. Yesterday a little? Try to escape tablespoon of honey (you can dissolve the honey in a Cup of herbal tea or spread on toast). Fructose, as shown by studies of the British Royal chemical Society, is a good stimulator of metabolism of alcohol.

The bandage on the small wound. Honey has an antibacterial effect, that is, prevents the growth of pathogenic microbes. Therefore, you can use raw honey as a healing ointment for small wounds, burns, cuts or scrapes. It is also effective against acne for the same reason. Just don't forget on top to apply a bandage.

5. Apple cider vinegar

The remedy of rosacea. In some types of acne you can apply diluted Apple cider vinegar to relieve redness and burning sensation or pain in the area of inflammation.

Hair conditioner. Add a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and rinse your hair after shampooing. This will help to remove soap film and make hair shiny and manageable while styling! Just do not try to use vinegar for rinsing the hair, as a result of a chemical reaction vinegar can wash off the paint.

Remedy for easy clean fish from the scales. Coming home with the catch, RUB the fish with cloth saturated with vinegar before you clean it. Scales will be removed much easier, and besides, your hands will smell less of fish.

6. Aspirin

Softening the skin of feet. Remove hardened skin on the feet (or hands) with aspirin. You need to crush six to eight tablets and mix them with a teaspoon of lemon juice, then add warm water to form a slurry. Spread this mixture on the surface of the cured skin, and then wrap with a warm towel and close the plastic bag. Ten or fifteen minutes and RUB with pumice stone to remove layers of dead tissue. It is important to remember that this method is not suitable for people with diabetes or circulatory problems!

Able to healthy houseplants. Dissolve one tablet of aspirin, three or four liters of water for watering plants, experienced a shock when transplanting. This will help to form new healthy root system. You can also add to the solution some liquid soap to spray the leaves of plants to fight parasites. Soap is necessary to keep the solution on the leaf surface.

7. Olive oil

The tool to remove the paint. Forget about the rude chemical solvents to remove paint from your skin, simply use olive oil in combination with a pinch of granulated sugar or salt. The paint is easy to come down, and the skin will get to the same additional moisture.

Tool care garden tool. Olive oil can provide invaluable services to work in the yard or garden. Apply a small amount to the mower blade in the summer and the grass will not adhere to them. And in the winter use, so that the snow slid off easier and did not stick to the surface of the shovel. You can also use oil for other garden tools such as hoe or rake.

Tool for polishing leather shoes. There is no need to use the sharp-smelling chemical compounds. A little olive oil and a soft cloth will give your leather shoes a perfect.

A means for extracting chewing gum from hair. Apply the oil on the gum and surrounding hair, gently RUB in and leave for a few minutes. Then comb the strands with a comb to remove the rubber and wash the hair with shampoo.


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