The first buyers have tested hydrogen-powered Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell — the first hydrogen car with fuel cells, aimed at mass production. The basis of the hydrogen car went compact B class, which is equipped with new generation of fuel cells with hydrogen gas inside. It reacts with oxygen at a pressure of 700 bar (690 atmospheres) to produce the current necessary for the motor. The output, after the reaction, respectively, will be harmless water, according to

According to the automaker, long endurance test proved that the hydrogen car from Mercedes-Benz is very reliable and practical. There have been no critical failure. And despite the fact that the test model tested the first 300 buyers of ECOCAR. They toured the roads of the US and Europe, a total of Nakata more than 9 million kilometers.

The experience gained from day-to-day testing of the first generation of hydrogen cars will be used in the development of next-generation cars with fuel cells. Daimler AG expects to create a General concept of hydrogen cars by 2017, but that the Germans will have to join forces with Nissan and Ford. At successful coincidence of circumstances and choosing the right technology, three years in the showrooms you will see the first mass-market hydrogen cars.

Meanwhile, the German automaker has embarked on the development of infrastructure for hydrogen cars.



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