Tunisian street art project Djerbahood in Djerba

The island of Djerba, known to all as "Island of Dreams", to provide the walls of houses and fences 150 artists coming from 30 countries, wished to participate in a street art project called Djerbahood.

This is unusual for this area, the art project was organized by a Tunisian living in the moment, in France, artist Mehdi Ben Sheikh. The project was organized in July-August 2014 and became the largest and biggest event for street artists. Each, in his own discretion, chose canvas for your future masterpiece. Usually in many countries and cities such wall art is not particularly welcomed by local residents. But what happened on this Island of Dreams, in this old Muslim village of Erriadh, where for centuries lived together in the world Jews, Muslims and Christians, are simply unique and unforgettable. The dark streets, shabby buildings instantly transformed. Abandoned walls and fences acquired its colorful and unique design. Even the old and rusty car, long ago, standing under the open sky, has taken on new color and meaning. This is a real Museum under the open sky.

That depicted street art artists from around the world you can see in the photos below.

Source: allfreefoto.ru


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