Google Glass can cause harmful dependence

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What we wanted to prove. American doctors have recorded the first case of the use of augmented reality glasses Google.

The American was diagnosed with "Internet addiction" from excessive use of Google Glass. The patient was 31-year-old soldier, originally admitted to the hospital in San Diego for rehabilitation program of deliverance from alcoholism. At first the young man was noticed signs of alcohol dependence, but later they were interpreted differently. As it turned out, he began a kind of withdrawal from the termination wear on the face of Google Glass.

Poor people wore Glass for 18 hours a day, parting with a gadget just for the bathing time or sleep, according to a paper published in the journal Addictive Behaviors. The patient complained to doctors that symptoms of abstinence from Google Glass was "much worse" than alcohol, reports NBC News.

Moreover, any question of doctors the patient is automatically answered by the movement of the index finger to the right side of his face, as if attempting to turn on digital points. He's even in my dreams looking at the world through Google Glass.

After a 35-day course of treatment people almost got rid of the addiction. Google, in turn, did not comment on the situation.

Amid the proliferation of wearable technology doctors predict an increase in cases of mental disorders among users of modern gadgets. Not less dangerous addiction they believe frequently observed among youth nomophobia – fear of no mobile phone or fear of losing connection.



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