On the run

That is what it means to touch the phone ... Cat sniffing it takes 3 pictures, posted 5 and informed the police.

Cruelty - a trait of good people, it occurs when the kindness of your legs begin to wipe

To prove the girl that you have serious intentions, just after the first date, introduced her to his parents, wife, children ...

Chuck Norris makes cancer cigarette filter.

Latest news: the opposition has achieved the resignation of President Medvedev.

What would be the rake was not taught, but my heart believes in miracles ...

 - Hey, sleepyhead, get up!
 - Nastya, well let back to sleep ...
 - I'm not Anastasia. I'm her husband.

Yesterday, drank cognac "Napoleon" cognac "Kutuzov" in the morning felt the cruelty of the War of 1812.

To be happy - you just want to correct.

If you meet Vahhabiti eight, you get one vahabbayt.

Gaz, oil prinadlezhat narodu. It's clear.
It is unclear why narod sam currently prodaet gasoline za taki fortune.

Any initiative kills approval procedure.


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