Five of the most anticipated breakthroughs in science and technology


In our time science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds. And every new discovery could radically change our world and, consequently, our lives. Here is a selection of the five most anticipated discovery in the field of science and technology.

The Conquest Марса

For many years scientists nurtured to explore Mars inside and out. And now NASA closer to his dream one step further – in 2012 launched the Mars Science Laboratory, and in December 2014 will start the "expansion" of Mars using reusable spacecraft Orion. In January 2018 NASА plans to send the Orion spacecraft the first manned expedition to Mars with a duration of 501 days.

The DNA relic существ

After the success in deciphering the genome of the creatures that lived on Earth millions of years ago, scientists decided to take our distant ancestors.

At the junction of 2014-2015, it is planned to present decoded the DNA of Homo erectus (Homo erectus, our immediate ancestor) to the attention of the scientific community. Homo erectus inhabited the planet about 1 million years ago the territory of modern East Asia, Russia, the Old world.


More than a hundred years science fiction writers around the world describe robots and supercomputers, which sometimes surpass the intelligence of human brain. So far, the computers have not reached such results, but the most powerful of today's supercomputer TIANHE-2 with a performance of 33.86 petaflops/s, which for comparison is approximately 42 300 performance PC on Intel Core i7 has already been made in China.

In the race of supercomputers in our time, involves China, the US and Japan, as the demand for science, medicine, space exploration is growing. So Intel is going in 2020 to represent the device performance 4 ecaflips/s (4 trillion operations per second).

The Project Rosetta

In early 2015 there will be a significant event – the Rosetta spacecraft will land on the surface of comet ISON, which flew near the Earth in 2013. This, incidentally, will be the first ever landing of a spacecraft on the surface of the comet. Rosetta will take soil samples after their analysis, the researchers could determine whether there was life brought to Earth by such a celestial body.

The exoskeleton

The exoskeleton is a device that increases the power of man with the outer frame. This invention also long been invented science fiction, and one of the first prototypes was developed in the USA in the distant 60-ies of the last century for military purposes.However, from the General electric Hardiman was not adopted because of imperfections in design and heavy weight.

Currently in Russia, USA and Japan in parallel created the designs of the exoskeletons, which on assurances of developers will find a use in medicine for the rehabilitation of patients after injuries.


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