All about the dangers of abandonment of carbohydrates in the diet

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With the accessibility of information about the food of the sportsman during the preparation to competition and with the popularization of fitness in the everyday life of lovers began to tightly enter words such as "drying", "low or no carb diet".

But all anything, if the benefit, not detriment. Occupational hazard faced by athletes, and real-world tasks, the fan is very different. Have a beautiful and healthy body is a priority for most. But we are talking about owning it throughout its life, not in a short period of time that represents the peak of competitive form.

Of course, people who have excess weight, wants in short time to obtain visible results. And with the advent of the category "bikini" Internet flooded pictures "pitoresc", where we want to walk everything. But few understand the work and time spent behind it. In society creates the illusion that the intense workout combined with a significant reduction of carbohydrates will result "like the picture". Thus in a very short time.

What really? Ripped and athletic body — the result of many years of serious training, nutrition and adherence. The so-called "drying", which involves a substantial or complete reduction of carbohydrates applies mainly only to the athletes before the competition. In a short time they should be possible to lose fat, bring plenty of water from the body and show the maximum relief. But in real life it's different.

If an athlete in the offseason is necessary to keep the best possible shape, he trains intensely and eats a balanced, controlling the presence of carbohydrates, but not lowering them dramatically. Uglevodorodnye — modern problem. Its effects are unpleasant. So I want to give a few facts in favor of carbohydrates.

When a low carbohydrate diet, "burn" muscle. Carbohydrates — one of the most important sources of energy. Once in the body, carbohydrate food is broken down into simple components and is present in the form of glucose in the blood. Some of the glucose is used immediately. Part is stored in form of glycogen in muscles and liver (these stocks are quite limited). The rest with the aid of the liver is converted into fat and deposited in fat depots (these reserves can be accumulated without limitation). When the body has insufficient carbohydrates, to sustain and supply our body with more energy during intense workouts are not only of fat but also protein. And as if athletes didn't try to preserve muscle while "cutting", eating handfuls of amino acids, the process is inevitable. All of it occurs in different ways: some lose less, some more. But the fact remains. Fans, as a rule, failing to build muscles, begin to dry. In the end the result will be satisfied only lovers anorexic figures. About the curves in the coveted areas can be forgotten.

Muscle growth is impossible without carbs. Continuing above the subject, it is worth mentioning the muscle-building process, which is also interested Amateurs. By cutting carbohydrates, you deprive yourself of this opportunity.

First, carbohydrate-rich diet provides you with energy for an active life and heavy strength training. Numerous studies and common practice has proven that high carbohydrate food in proper combination with protein and fats helps to build muscles with proper strength training.

Secondly, eating after a workout, fast-digesting protein and carbohydrate food, you start the process of release of insulin. Insulin contributes to greater permeability of the membranes of muscle fibers, which amino acids and glucose to enter the cells.

With a lack of carbohydrates "starving" the brain and Central nervous system. For normal operation of the brain requires about 90-130 grams of carbohydrates per day. It all depends on activity level, weight, goals. This is the minimum I would advise to go down, reducing carbohydrates in the diet. Otherwise, poor memory, low productivity of mental activity, slow response and unstable mental state will become your daily companions.

Cutting carbs leads to a serious imbalance in the diet. The body, whatever it is, will soon realize that it starved. And it will immediately trigger a defensive reaction, an instinct surviving from the time of primitive man. The body will begin to slow down your metabolism to survive longer in times of famine. But this is not what we want to achieve! A fast metabolism is not only essential to good health and well-being, but also excellent physical shape. That's why has gained popularity this diet, as protein-carbohydrate alternation (BUTCH). Its essence lies in the alternation of low or no carb days with a carbohydrate. First, it allows to fool the body for a longer time. Second, many consider this power scheme easier psychologically. But it is worth noting that she's not all "work". Not less impressive results can be achieved with a balanced diet with a moderate restriction of carbohydrates and when properly structured workout. Returning to the question of the metabolism, I want to mention that after you break, it will take time to rebuild it. Is there then a sense in the extremes?

Rapid weight loss, which can occur with maximum reduction of carbohydrates, may alter hormonal balance, which adversely affects reproductive function in women. Many of the speakers athletes during drying disturbed menstrual cycle. And it's a serious cause for concern.

The fad low-carb diets can lead to the risk of development syndrome "triad of women athletes" (physical dysmorphia). In addition to hormonal disturbances that can lead to thinning of the bone tissue, as well as other health problems. Also the danger of a low-carb diet that minimizes the intake of fiber. And this can lead to disorders in digestion.

Low-carb diet may seem more attractive due to its quick results. You actually are able to lose more weight in a short time unlike of a balanced diet. But the loss will not only fat, but muscle and large amounts of water. And sooner or later the weight will rise. The stress received by the body, and lack of carbohydrates will push you to what you start, but, as a rule, decentralizovanno to compensate for this by eating carbohydrates. And results in the best case quickly goes "no", at worst you add on top a few extra pounds.

Many sports fans have not seen and do not know how many kilograms can recruit athletes in the first week after the competition. Believe me, people is changing! And this is not good. The only time when such a strategy is acceptable is an urgent need for quick weight loss. But you need to remember about all the implications and to consider the circumstances.

All this was in defense of carbohydrates. But not in vain are afraid of them like fire? If they pose a danger? If the source of carbohydrate is sugar, white bread, sweets and other similar foods without measure, no doubt is a bad thing!

First, excess blood glucose is always converted to fat. Secondly, carbohydrates is easy to "sort out" the calories. Third, the harmful source of calories can affect the quality of of your appearance and health. Carbohydrates are not enemies, but vital macronutrients.

Unfortunately, new-fangled diets and yellow media publications to push people to extremes. A huge number of uglevodorov. They are afraid there is something that is extremely important for their body. But the choice of high-quality sources of carbohydrates will give you energy, health and beautiful body.

Author: Darya Karelina




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