The world's smallest electric car

Peel is the smallest production car that was once produced in the UK. A width of 1.04 m and length 1.4 m. Constructed in the 60-ies of the machine until recently remained only a cherished exhibit for collectors — while a couple of British entrepreneurs decided to alter it to electric motor and back on the road.



The maximum speed of this model is about 55 km/h, so that long-distance routes it's not a train. However, it was originally designed as a city car: a tiny, easy to control, easy for Parking. Now inside it from the motor of a moped which does not require large capacity. It weighs about 15 kg, which is 15 times less than the motor car Tesla Model S. the Developers have placed it above the rear wheel, so there is still a place for spare batteries. In the model of Peel Trident, you can connect these batteries in parallel, and then the car can drive up to 130 km without recharging.





In the past, by the way, the car weighs even less: she had no reverse gear, so the driver had to use a special handle in the trunk to literally lift the car and drag it to the desired location (weight 59 kg it was pretty easy).

Developers are going to release a limited number of machines: they believe that if you start mass production, the car will lose its value and will lose its uniqueness. Engineers gather every aksamlar by hand and carefully tested.


However, it is possible that similar cars will reach the General public: Elio, a small three-wheeled vehicles, will be released next year. The company also develops LitMotors single vehicle: it's technically a motorcycle, but it looks like the model Peel. And this is great progress: baby like these machines will save an enormous amount of energy and will be much friendlier to the environment.




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