9 brutal truths about which I learned only a year after the death of his mother

Scars: they are not the only evidence of the injury, but also a symbol of a new experience that makes you stronger. Although they spoil your appearance (and mental trauma especially), inside them you can even become much better.

It was a Sunday. November 3, 2013, I caused the wound, comparable to as if I ripped out the heart. It was a day when I lost all hope that ever could be normal again. It was the day I lost my mother.


It's hard to explain what I experienced this last year. I lost a man who simultaneously inspired me, criticized and made significant. At first I wanted to kill myself. But, thank God, I persevered.

Now, a year later, I know realized some things that are unlikely to be aware of, if not experienced all that I have experienced. And now I want to share this experience with you.

I learned that the world doesn't revolve around you

There are many days when it seems that this is a "victory", but life is not a video game. You can't stop a moment to rewind or try again. You don't give an infinite number of lives.

You only have one life. And when you're gone, the world will continue, despite what will seem like the world stopped. The only way to cope with the loss of a loved one, or any other problem — just move on.

I learned that my problem concern only me

When inside of you there are some unrealistic fights, it seems that your suffering more than others. But no one will notice. As well as you can not realize even a small part of the experiences that other people are experiencing. There is no reason to go to the bar, get drunk, scream or argue with someone. It doesn't matter. No you can't hear if it is not necessary personally to him.

If you are worried and lying on the bed in a depression, the only thing that happens is your backlog. People move on, and quickly. And here you are lying.

By the way about people. Sympathy is a fleeting thing. And that's fine.

I learned that love knows no boundaries

I used to be afraid that someone from the family will stop loving me, as soon as I move away from him physically. For example, move to another city. I am now not afraid of unrequited love. In the end, even if the feeling pass through my fingers like a puff of smoke, we will have memories of it.

But love — unconditional love, the real has no boundaries. You will never lose, regardless of time and space. If you love somebody truly, you will carry this love through life. And will love of a man years after his death.

I learned that although you can't replace loved ones for a new one, I'll still be happy

Death is a journey with a revolving door. The pain of losing a loved one will pass. It makes no sense to worry about when it will happen. Sooner or later it all goes away. And this too shall pass. Peace and harmony will come back to you one way or another.

I realized the power of perception

When you find it difficult, it may seem that the world decided to follow you, and all the other things going on, directed against you. It may seem that you are willing to give everything, if only this nightmare stopped.

But the problem is not in what is happening around you, and how you perceive it. You can simply change the way of thinking and everything will change. The world is just thinking about him in your head.

I learned to be grateful for what all alive

The happiest people on the planet — those who appreciate what they have, not the ones who focuses on what they lack. How can you evaluate what is good and what is bad? If you have lost something dear to you, take the time to assess what you have left. Regardless of what you've lost is a warm working place or very close in a person's life.

I found out that she is in control of your life

You can control your thoughts and emotions. This understanding is the first step towards overcoming any obstacles. You can't change everything around, and everything that happens in your life, but you can change how react to those or other events in your life. You decide how you affect the situation, and not someone else or something else.

Adversity is not an excuse to give up

Motivation. Dreams. Goal. Focused moving forward will keep you afloat even in the most desperate moments in life. Don't let yourself get stuck in the experiences of the past. And it will clear your mind from all the negativity that periodically falls on your head.

In the end, the price of realize pain only when moved away from her at a decent distance. Rare to get back what already lost. But you still have plenty of opportunities to get something new.

Never say "goodbye". Only "see you later".

I know that the image of my mother in my heart will remain forever. He will be with me even when I'll spend most of my day in the rocking chair. I know that it is impossible to replace by anyone, and it will always be with me. But I know that sooner or later you will see her again. How? I do not know. But that's exactly what will happen. published


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