Street cat, who raised a host and famous all over the world

Once a homeless musician and drug addict James Bowen met a homeless kitten, his life changed dramatically and forever.


Once James was trying to make a buck playing guitar in the subway, and noticed a ginger kitten with a damaged (apparently in a fight with another cat) paw. The kitten looked very unhappy and lonely, the same as himself, James – in General, a soul mate.

The guy took the cat to a veterinary clinic, and then couldn't leave a sick animal and took care of him until full recovery. For a long time James tried to say goodbye to cat because I was sure that can not really be responsible even for himself – to say nothing of others.

But leave the cat James never got - he got the guy into submission: walked over to his Savior on the heels of a day sat in front of the door and refused invitations to other potential owners.

Eventually, James gave up, and the two became inseparable. When the guy was playing outside, Bob sat quietly nearby, attracting visitors for its moving, causing the odd couple income has increased significantly.

James gradually recovered from drug addiction, Bob became a celebrity in London, and friends went to the mountain. And then James wrote about Bob's book “a Street cat named Bob” and both became famous all over the world.












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