Bob Cat (27 photos)

One day in the subway homeless musician James Bowen saw red cat with a wound in the leg, resulting in all rather in a fight with another cat. Rank gnoilas, and it was clear that the cat has to very bad.

James could not pass and took the cat to the vet that it slightly podlechil and prescription drugs. Once the cat is finally recovered, James with a sense of accomplishment goodbye to him.

But Bob did not want to leave and had come with her savior, following him wherever he went. James had no choice but to accept a pig in his company.

James plays guitar in the street, and sitting next to Bob. Revenues increased sharply musician, because people find it difficult to pass, when they look so cute cat. Who also likes to keep him tied some scarf.

Last year, a book by James' Street Bob Cat: as a person and a cat found hope in the street, "his book, James describes their adventures that are full of life in the street - and the dramatic and comedic. At the very beginning of the book he wrote that and could not have imagined how this meeting will change his life. Friendship with the cat to cure him of many trauma, because life had been difficult. Most likely, and Bob himself could say the same thing.



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