How to make our home safe — some useful tips

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According to some scientists, the indoor air is sometimes more polluted than outside the house. Such contaminants can serve as human and animal hair, saliva, the Horny skin particles, and various substances that are released when Smoking, cleaning. Some are toxic construction and finishing materials used in the manufacture of furniture, household appliances, and cleaning supplies. And if being in a public place, we can't change the situation at home can improve the environment.

Dry air

Many in the apartment is too dry. It affects people suffering from allergies and chronic respiratory diseases because it may provoke an attack of asthma, exacerbate respiratory illnesses, and worsen the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Often this problem occurs in the winter, because it is intensively working heaters and Central heating to further dry the air in the apartment. Should focus on the fact that the rate of relative humidity is 40-45%.


Scientist A. L. by cizewski proven that a human needs to obtain from the air is negatively ionized oxygen. Ionization occurs in nature on their own through exposure to ultraviolet radiation. In the number of negative ions drastically reduced. Currently, all modern filters for air purification use of the effect of ionization, outdoor by cizewski.


Is one of the most powerful allergens. We will give figures. According to statistics, almost 80% of the reserves of your immune system we spend to fight it to dust. In our homes it annually going to a few pounds. Dust sources are: pollution from the street (bring on the clothes and soles of shoes), bed linen (including pillows, blankets), carpets and carpet, upholstered furniture, pet dander, microscopic mites. Household mites love to live in mattresses, sofas, pillows. There they can accumulate to several million.

Tobacco smoke 

It is proved that passive Smoking brings even greater harm to the human body than active. So ask for Smoking households out on the landing.


One of the most dangerous allergens, which should fight. It occurs usually in damp areas. Maybe in the bathroom have you ever observed such a phenomenon. However, normally it shouldn't be. Also the source of fungal allergens in the apartment are house plants. First, noticing the mold you should immediately eliminate it, treating a special tool; second, to take care of proper ventilation in the house, and thirdly, if the case is heavy and mold is impossible to cure, call the professionals.

Method of struggle 

One of the most simple yet effective ways of combating dust is to regularly wet cleaning (at least once a week). Powerful "dust collectors" in the flat — curtains, soft toys, bedspreads, and carpets should be every year, to clean and wash. You need to vacuum at least once a week. Performing this manipulation, take your time, because the device may not be able to properly handle the surface.

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No need to clutter your apartment with furniture and appliances, because of the increased amount of dust, and therefore allergens. Remember that domestic mites are afraid of cold and heat. Therefore, bed linen, bed covers after washing should be either to freeze, or a good Ironing (that is, to influence thermally) and dry in the sun (in the summer). Use new development in the fight against mites — Allergy covers that are placed on blankets, pillows, mattresses. They are made of a special impermeable material.

This creates a kind of protective barrier. If you have existing allergies to house dust, experts advise, in addition to addressing the main source of the illness, limit contact with other allergens, for example, Pets (cats, dogs, birds).


Remove carpets
Remove houseplants
Deal with the dust
Often ventilate
Use of household air purifiers, ionizers and humidifiers
Change your mattresses

As fillers for pillows and blankets choose synthetic materials

Restrict Smoking in dominano-technical progress, saving time and effort when managing the household, which unfortunately has a negative side.

For example, the popular dishes made of Teflon, when exposed to high temperatures may allocate perfluorooctanoic acid has carcinogenic properties. Although the acid begins to stand out at temperatures exceeding 360 degrees, and the maximum temperature of conventional electric or gas stoves 240-275 degrees, some risk in using it there.

Especially dangerous is the use scratched dishes when possible the allocation of perfluorooctanoic acid. An indispensable attribute of a modern kitchen – microwave, can also contribute to creating an unfavorable environment in the house. The danger arises when a failure occurs which can be accompanied by emission of radiation sverhcheloveka.

In addition, the sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation of different people. The accumulation of such waves in one place creates what is called the electrosmog, causing in sensitive people irritable and changes in blood pressure. According to the rules of operation the distance between the person and the radiating appliances shall not be less than 1.5 m. in the presence on the body or glass of the microwave oven damage, its use is unacceptable.

There is evidence that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields may cause biochemical changes (decrease in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate), which can lead to the disruption of the cardiovascular system. Acute coronary insufficiency, there are spasms of peripheral blood vessels, arteriosclerosis, impaired circulation of the brain, especially in people with diseases of cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems.

In addition to microwave ovens, the source of excessive electromagnetic waves that adversely affect the environment in the house can be televisions, mobile and landline digital phone.

To completely abandon the benefits of civilization is impossible, but to reduce the severity of their negative impacts by using compliance with the rules of operation.




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