Country house for a large family in Uruguay

The owners are Argentinian clothing brand Kosiuko Cynthia Kern and Federico Bonomi moved from country to country every weekend. Live in Buenos Aires, and the rest in his country house in Uruguay.

“To live and work in Argentina, and the rest in Uruguay – this is not a fad – think Cynthia and Federico. – We have a lot of people do, because in Uruguay the prices are lower. When we first started to go there, either lived in a hotel, or something removed. But in the end realized that we need a permanent shelter. And rather big. After all, the house had to accommodate four children and a bunch of four-legged Pets.”

The owners of the estate of Cynthia Kern and Federico Bonomi

While traveling in Uruguay Cynthia and Federico had chosen a house in the resort town of Carmelo, near the confluence of two big rivers – Parana and Uruguay. The construction of the mid-nineteenth century wood and stone demanded a thorough repair, but future owners are not scared. Because the house 1,800 m2 of land and 240 hectares fully meet their needs. And for the growing of olive trees and lavender flowers Cynthia called the manor of “little Tuscany”.


Immediately after purchase the new owners took over the restoration. In order to refurbish the building, but retain its vintage look, Cynthia found the Uruguayan craftsmen owning technology of old masonry. They managed to restore the shattered pieces of the floor and walls.

The gaps in the wooden roof and terrace closed up with planks of local wood Lapacho, the color of which perfectly matched with the gray from the time of the house. “No additional outbuildings and sheds we are the city did not. The house is very spacious, has a terrace, so there will be enough space for us and guests.

The only major change that we decided an outdoor swimming pool. We did it almost at the entrance, so that the surrounding wide runway smoothly into the terrace. It's nice when the water is so close, and bathing the children, you can control it.”

Until the arrival of a large Argentinian family, the house was empty for almost half a century. During this time, all the interior came into complete disrepair: collapsed plaster, tile recaptured and carried off, the furniture is also nothing left. “But with our passion for antique shopping and collecting junk at flea markets to us it was just at hand, says Cynthia. – Of course, had to work hard over the walls and floor, beamed ceiling even led. And I just had it whitewashed. About to invite a decorator we never thought started with a lot of their ideas, and, most importantly, we know how to implement them”.

This house Cynthia and Federico had been brought almost everything that has collected for several years in Europe and Latin America: antique furniture, mirrors, lamps. But the rooms were so much that it is not enough. Then they toured flea markets of Uruguay, and was acquainted with all the local antiquaries. “Now all the fun immediately appears in our house,” laughs Cynthia.

All upholstered furniture Cynthia dressed in a fabric from which sewed their clothing brand Kosiuko. Trim in small flower Cynthia decided to support the flowers on the floor.

In her sketches, local artisans have painted a giant rose in the living room and ornament with obushenkova carpet in the dining room. “Consider painted wooden floors – my know-how. After all that is usually paint? The walls and ceiling. And I have a floor”.

Versatile furniture purchased around the world, made an equally chaotic style interior. There are also Provence, and the American 1950s, French classics and Italian modernism, and, of course, Latin American folk art.

“We travel a lot and everywhere drag not only things, but also a decent number of ideas, says Federico. – We like that some of the rooms and terrace are reminiscent of the house in the Italian countryside. Our bedroom is a hotel room in France. And the kitchen is the same as on the us post-war posters about comfortable life. It turns out that we cross boundaries, not only coming to this house, but moving along it”.

Text: Tina Hem



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