A bad example is contagious? — Not bad, but the emotional

A bad example is contagious?

Actually, not bad, but emotional.

That is why my father's charge, monotonous and boring, to imitate does not want. Like my mother's cleaning routine, with sighs and reproaches. But when mom enthusiastically talking with a friend on the phone, and the Pope is temperamentally quest or cheering for the football team, my daughter and son want to do the same or at least similar.

Bad word that fell from your mouth when you hit your pinky toe on the corner of the sofa, was delivered with great emotional charge, isn't it? And then you very calmly and kindly said, "See, baby, I just said a bad word. It was wrong. But I'm only human. The herrara Humanum est. What do you think of the two strange expressions will pick up the child: Latin proverb that to err is human, or that which refers to someone's mom?

If you want the baby adopt your positive behaviors (put things in place, as a mom, doing exercises, as the Pope), perform these steps emotionally fun. Include the popular kids music, move to the beat of her putting things in order in the hall or being wrung out from a floor.

But if a kid has witnessed the bad example, there are techniques that allow you to neutralize him:

– Made in the presence of a child something inappropriate? Then do something good and give it more feeling! Obscenely expressed? Sing a funny song. You accidentally caught with a cigarette? Engage with the child blowing bubbles.
But this trick is only good for emergencies. When you do constantly, it will no longer work.

– Carefully take away the cartoons and programs that are watching your kid. It is known that after the appearance on television of funny masterpiece "Tom and Jerry" in America has dramatically increased the number of cases of ill-treatment of young children with animals. It is so fun to hit with a hammer on the kitten, as does a favorite character is mouse. That's just hilarious and instead of quickly passing the bumps on the forehead or the bright sparks from the eyes, the child will see very different changes with the real animal.

– Do not leave your baby 2-7 years (particularly vulnerable to "telepathine age) alone with the TV: either sit and comment on what is happening, or put the checked drives. The child saw a cruel scene with, say, a dog? Pat the toy dog, pity him, try to play Dr. Dolittle.

– Had a fight with her husband with tears and cries at the baby? Find the strength to make peace with him and cheer him. Keep in mind, if you're emotionally to sort things out with the child, he will adopt your style in communicating with their peers. And instead calmly offer to trade toys or to change the plot of the game, he will shout, stomp their feet and cry.

Fails to restrain myself? Then, at least when the kids don't splash out all that boiling. Or do it in a whisper. To swear in a whisper – is in principle a good example. At some point it will become ridiculous and the argument will proceed in earnest. published

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