Rational and Irrational

Start with one story. A couple of years ago after a seminar in Yekaterinburg, I asked for help man. The exact help we need not to him but to his wife. By the time they were married for 40 years. Immediately after the wedding, they borrowed the car from his parents and went to spend their honeymoon on the Black Sea. The path is not close.

On the road they occasionally stayed in different localities. When just was resting when I stopped in the grocery store. In one village they got to talking with the locals and found out that this village is home to the famous witch. She was interested and she asked for an appointment with the witch to know its future. During the conversation, the witch made some predictions as to what awaits her in the future and I must say that nothing tragic and dramatic in these predictions was not. She thanked the witch and was about to leave, when the witch finally said, "But you'll die in 60 years." When to me for help her husband came, the wife was 59 years.

Zhvanetskogo is a mini story: "We all laughed at him when he two years was invited to a birthday party. And so tomorrow I have to go." When you predict death after 40 years, it's kind of far. But once those 40 are. According to husband, last year the wife and I lived in depression, constantly talking about death, foretold her through the year. The husband resorted to various means, trying to prove groundlessness of such predictions. Numerous medical examinations had shown exceptional health for her age. And yet the prediction of the woman she believed much more than doctors, husband and others.

The man asked to speak to his wife and convince her that the prediction is not a sentence. Unfortunately I had to refuse. But I said that you need to do to fix the situation. Why am I denied?

It turned out that the woman is always believed in the supernatural. In witches, magicians, sorcerers. He was fond of horoscopes, but in the last year actively attended Church, and even showed a negative attitude to the fortune-tellers, sorcerers and clairvoyants. So I suggested, since she plunged into the belief that the woman spoke the priest. Let me explain why.

Any phenomenon is to give an explanation of the rational and the irrational. A rational explanation has a scientific basis, experiments and evidence. Irrational explanation has no evidence. It is impossible not to confirm, not to refute. When I worked in medicine, I often encountered such a situation when the person was somewhat ill and he was prescribed treatment with medicines. In parallel, for insurance purposes, a man turns to a witch doctor. He also prescribes treatment plots and some roots. In the end, the person recovers and while many believe that it is a merit of the sorcerer.

A huge number of people believe in irrational explanations of many phenomena in our lives. A lot of people believe in horoscopes, that are examples of irrational explanations and don't believe the scientists which by research has proved that man's destiny largely depends on his behavior and his efforts.

Which explanation is stronger?

If a person believes in the irrational explanation, it is impossible to convince with rational arguments. High, he'll pretend to believe You, but it will continue to follow their irrational beliefs.

Here is the rule that the irrational explanation can not be removed with a rational explanation. It can only be broken by another irrational explanation. That is why I advised the man to apply with his problem to the priest, because he is an authority in the field of irrational explanations. And his explanation, can take irrational prediction sorceress, made 40 years ago.

What else could it be useful?

You can give any irrational explanation and You will be left behind. For example, friends or relatives trying to find out from You regarding Your plans. They are interested in what You have with personal life, career, business. You this information to give don't want. Can you explain your reluctance to share plans with a rational point of view, and it is possible to give an irrational explanation: "I will Not say anything not to jinx it". And lo and behold, this explanation suits the person and it lags.

You can refer to bad omens, leap year and more. And if you watch, then often people believe in irrational explanations. published

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